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WP Smush.it Plugin Reduce Image Size For Faster Loading

High quality image can make slow of your website speed. To keep constant speed with quality image you can use WP Smush.it plugin. WP Smush.it plugin can reduce your image size(weight) with high quality. Smush.it plugin specially created for wordpress platform. Smush.it wordpress plugin invented by Stoyan Stefanov and Nicole Sullivan.

WP Smush.it

An image can make a content world famous. High quality image make a content more trustworthy to audience. Once you share your photo on photo sharing sites you can get thousand of visitor from there. But when we make a informative high quality picture, it can make site slower. If site is gonna slower it will be bad for SERP and can make trouble to increase google pagerank. But if we do not use image we will loose maximum visitor and incomplete on page seo.

Basically image should optimize to make faster a site. To speed up website also you can use a good cdn and web hosting.After doing all of this if you are not happy with speed, what nedd to do? WP Smush.it plugin are ready to give this solution.

WP Smush.it Plugin: Compress Image For Faster Load

wordpress plugin smush.it



WP Smush.it is an image optimizer tools. This plugin is specially customize for reduce image size. It is used by more than 1 million site. This plugin reduce image size with maintain it previous quality. Get More loves from search engine for faster load. WP Smush.it tools delete all unnecessary data of an image.

reduce image size

WP Smush.it Plugin: Pros And Cons

Best quality with least image size.

WPMU DEV dedicated server.

Smush with PNG, GIF and JPEG, image files.

Easy to install.

24/7 expert support.

Ajax for Bulk Smush.

Reduce image size automatically. Also possible to reduce image size manually.

Decrease image size up to 1MB.

So no more wait let’s use WP Smush.it plugin for super fast load.


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