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Whatsapp without phone number and simcard 2017

Few days ago, some of whatsapp user ask me how to open account on whatsapp without phone number 2017. Some people do not want to use their number to open whatsapp account. Some of the people who are using whatsapp on desktop, laptop or tablet they need use whatsapp without phone number. This article is for who are they looking for an way to use whatsapp without phone number.


Currently whatsapp is an famous app for text and chat in all over the world. Young to aged all type of people love to use whatsup. People get instant in mobile through whatsapp from anywhere of the world. Whatsapp user are raising day by day. Whatsapp user get offer to send sms or mms anywhere of the world. Once account is activated whatsapp automically your contact list will come on it. You can also make an group there. Now many people are using whatsapp as it’s an famous app.

Now people would like to open whatsapp on pc, laptop and tablet. Some of people want to use whatsapp without phone number. This may for some purpose like: keep them unknown, make fun. Some of them who are not using any sim. It’s very easy and simple to use whatsapp without phone number.

Easiest way to use whatsapp without phone number 2017

1) Firstly if you have an whatsapp account you need to uninstall it.
2) Now install an app for an fake numberĀ  textplus. If this app not working use an online text message like asĀ  receivefreesms (There are many other app like this you can also choose from there)
3) Take a phone number from textplus.
4) Install whatsapp
5) When whatsapp require phone verification give phone number from textplus.
6) Once verification complete now we are eligible to use whatsapp without phone number.

I hope it is an easiest way to open whatsapp account in a phone,computer or tablet without any real phone number.


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