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How to use whatsapp for pc laptop and desktop 2017

Some of my corporate client ask me how to use whatsapp for pc 2017. Not only them, few of my friends ask we can not use phone on office. We can not contact with known people when we are in office. Is there any way to use whatsapp on pc. Yes, we can use whatsapp on pc. It’s pretty easy and simple to use.

Whatsapp is now popular messaging platform all over the world. Around 400 million people have whtsapp account. Whatsapp regularly providing more updated feature for user. Now whatsapp user demand also going higher. Customer need to use two whatsapp accounts in one phone, whatsapp on raspbery. As whatsapp getting more popularity, user different demand also comes up.

When whatsapp start only android, ios and windows phone user can use whatsapp. Now it is also possible to use whatsapp on pc. Here below we will show you how to use whatsapp on pc.

How to use whatsapp for pc 2017



bluestacks install

Bluestack: First thing to do to use whatsapp on pc, an software name bluestacks need to be install. Bluestacks is an android emulator software. With using bluestacks you can use android apps on other platform. Like you can use android app on windows pc or on mac pc. Before install bluestacks check which version you require windows os or mac os.

whatsapp on pc

Visit bluestacks.com. Now install it. It will take several minutes to install. When install bluestacks click on app store access. You need to be have an google acountsĀ  to sign in for bluestacks.


Install whatsapp: Once installation complete off bluestacks go to app store, search whatsapp on search button. Install whatsapp. Once installation complete open whatsapp. Now give your phone number for phone verification. Whatsapp installation and activation process is complete. Now you are using whatsapp on pc. Above this formula you can use whatsapp on pc, laptop, desktop, macbook, tablet.



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