Transfer Domain From Godaddy to Hostgator

Tutorial: Transfer Domain From Godaddy to Hostgator

Hi guys! Today i am coming here with you an tutorial how to transfer domain from godaddy to hostgator. This tutorial is perfect for the person who has domain on godaddy and wants to buy hosting from hostgator or have hostgator already.

Transfer Domain From Godaddy to Hostgator

No Doubt Godaddy is best domain name provider yet now. But when question comes which is best hosting then i recommend one and only Hostgator.

But Why?

Hostgator is most reliable, faster and secure hosting provider ever i seen. So if you already have hosting on hostgtor i would like to say you Thanks for your best decision. If you are planning then do not look any where as hostgator is best.

Now come back to track.

If you do not have any hosting plan on hostgator or planning to buy then you can go through from here.

Firstly choose best package for your site or blog. I always prefer Baby Plan.

It’s better to take this Baby Plan Billing Cycle for 36 month, because with this duration you will get lowest price.

After that fill up your user name, pin and billing information.

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After completing all of this now we can transfer domain from godaddy to hostgator.

Transfer Domain From Godaddy to Hostgator

After purchasing hosting from hostgator they will send you a mail. Where you will see your cpanel address, user name, domain, password, 1st name server and 2nd name server.

After receiving your mail go to your godaddy account.

On your godaddy dashboard you will see DOMAINS MANAGER. Click on it.

Now click on your domain.

Now look on your Domain Settings. Here you will see Nameservers. Click on Manage.

Now you will see Setup type. Click on custom.

Now click on Enter custom nameservers. We are almost close to transfer domain from godaddy to hostgator.

Check Here What is Name Server.

Go back to your mail where hostgator give you name 1st and 2nd name server.

Copy your 1st Name server and paste on godaddy 1st nameserver.

Now copy 2nd name server and paste as before on godaddy 2nd nameserver.

Now click on save.

Now go to on your cpanel. Click on Addon Domains.

Hostgator Addon Domains


On this page you have to put little information. Let’s see what to fill up there.

New Domain Name: Type your domain name.

Subdomain/ FTP Username: This will be create automatically by hostgator with your domain name.

Document Root: Hostgator also help you to create it automatically.

Password: Give a strong password.

Click on add domain.

Now your transfer domain from godaddy to hostgator is complete. In short time you will see you are Connect godaddy domain name with hostgator hosting.

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