Finding out google adsense high paying keywords 2017 are the main thing to make more revenue from google adsense.Google organize their keyword in course that keyword is related with article of your site. If is your article is related with google adsense high paying keywords then you will get this high paying ad.

google adsense high paying keywords
Google adsense is the best online advertiser in the world. Most of the online publisher use this advertiser. Google adsense has many advertise from different company.Different company has various budget for their ad. Couple of the company has high budget ad. But maximum company pay less budget for their ad. So we need to find out google adsense high paying keywords to make more money.

To achieve  high paying keywords on your site you have to maintain google instruction. Firstly site should have good page rank and suitable article. Article should be unique and readable for any viewer. Article also need to be SEO friendly. Site also should have enough backlink to achieve pagerank. You can also submit your site on search engine submission site list. To do more whitehat SEO you will get pagerank soon. Your site should have more traffic to achieve this  keywords. Some google adsense high paying keywords bring more traffic to your site from search engine.

After finalizing google adsense high paying keywords for your site, you should edit your site with this keyword. Site should be enclose with keyword. Keyword loaded text deliver  high paying keywords ad on your site.

Now we are giving you Top 10 google adsense high paying keywords.
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google adsense high paying keywords 2017

Top 10 google adsense high paying keywords
SerialKeywordsClick Rate
1Auto insurance quoteUS$57.18
2College loan consolidationUS$53.52
3Medifast weight lossUS$48.18
4Car insurance quoteUS$46.89
5Federal loan consolidationUS$46.62
6Mesothelioma lawyersUS$44.45
7Ef toursUS$38.47
8Register a domain nameUS$34.51
9Software escrowUS$31.24
10Accutane class actionUS$30.12