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Root Android Without Computer 2017 Pc With Mobile Phone

Currently Android is the most popular mobile OS to customer. On this article we will show how to Root Android Without Computer 2017. Android is an open source,customizable and resourceful mobile OS ever comes out. Android developer are giving more and more latest feature to customer. One of the feature is root android without computer. There have many tips and tricks for how to root android without computer.

Android Root: Basically root is access on foundation of your device.You may feel you do not need to root your phone. But once you root your phone you will get full access of your mobile. You can get more feature just rooting your phone.


There are several ways rooting your android. Once you know how to root android without computer then you can do it at your home also.

How to Root Android Without Computer 2017

There are many apps available to root android without computer.Like as Vroot software, kingoapp root software, srsroot, Universal androot, framaroot and many more. You can try from any of this. Today we will show you how to root android without computer with using framaroot app.

Framaroot App: Framaroot app is the most popular app for root android without computer. Before start install framaroot, check your phone is charged minimum 50%. Keep a backup file of necessary document. Check your phone is supported with framaroot.

How to run root android without computer from framaroot

Install framaroot on your phone.
Run framaroot on your phone.
Choose Install Superuser or Install SuperuserSU.
Select any character like Sam, Frodo, Gandalf or any other character.
And then you will see Success,Superuser and SU binary installed.You have to reboot your device, You will see this message. Reboot your android phone. You will see You have Successfully Rooted your phone, once you see this message it mean your phone is rooted.
If you see fail You may try another character or visit framaroot Faq


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Advantages of rooting android mobile

Android latest OS: There are many advantages of root android without computer. You can use android latest os by rooting your android.

Install incompatible Apps: You can use many apps just rooting your android.  just rooting it you can make incompatible apps to compatible apps.

SD card: You can transfer your app on sd card just rooting your phone.

Battery power: There are many tips to make more powerful of your battery. Once you root android you will see more power of your battery.

Uninstall annoying apps: There have few which you can’t uninstall in normal way. These make you annoying. You can uninstall these type of app just rooting android mobile phone.

Customize ROM( Read only memory): By rooting android you can use customize rom. With using customize rom your phone will be more faster and efficient.

Disadvantages of rooting android mobile

Protection: Once you rooting you may not have proper anti-virus protection for your phone.

Void warranty: Rooting mean you will deprive from warranty. You will not ask company to repair if you rooting your phone.

Smartphone turn into brick: If you can not do rooting properly your phone will be as useless. Few software get damaged that your phone will show like an brick.

Mizmizi is not responsible if there any trouble happen while you rooting your android phone.

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