Ping sites List Index Faster Your Blog Content

Ping sites List 2017: Index Your Content Quicker

Ping sites  List 2017 help you to index faster of your blog content. Now ping are very useful for increase traffic and search engine visibility. Ping sites notify to search engine when your website updated any content. Ping is very popular to any blog. They love to notify them when their doing any update. It’s very easy to do it for anyone.


What is Ping?

Ping is an medium to make your article index faster. Ping server assist to notify your update on many directory. When you pingged your article it notify your updated on below directory.

  • Search Engine.
  • News Websites.
  • Website Directories.
  • Feed Websites.

In October 2001 Mr. Dave Winer inform us with ping. After introduce with ping we are taking benefits of it. Here is below we give you detail advantages of doing ping.

Benefits of Ping

  • Make more crawl of your site.
  • Notify your update on many site.
  • Increase traffic on your blog incredibly.
  • Index your article in most top search engine.
  • Increase backlink amazingly with least effort.

How To Ping Your Site

It is very easy to do ping for any any site. Just go on your desired ping sites. Type title of your article. Give your desired url. If they require your name or mail address provide them. Now press ok. Your ping is done. Ping sites will notify your update on search engine. how easy it is. To do ping for your site we are giving you top ping sites list. Here is below list of best ping sites.

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Best Ping Sites List 2017


Ping Sites
#Page URLPage RankAlexa Rank
1http://www.twingly.comPage rank 732112
2http://pingomatic.comPage rank 64047
3https://www.site24x7.comPage rank 613571
4http://mypagerank.netPage rank 618284
5http://icerocket.comPage rank 624067
6 rank 515924
7http://feedshark.brainbliss.comPage rank 530093
8http://smallseotools.comPage rank 41276
9http://www.pingmyurl.comPage rank 49803
10https://pingler.comPage rank 412181
11http://totalping.comPage rank 416014
12http://ping.inPage rank 429746
13http://googleping.comPage rank 34791
14http://www.pingfarm.comPage rank 313479
15http://pingmylink.comPage rank 329537
16http://bulkping.comPage rank 359786
17http://www.masspinger.comPage rank 244229
18http://pingsitemap.comPage rank 249017
19http://blogbuzzer.comPage rank 276378


Be Cautious!

Ping service is for notify your update on search engine. If you do it frequently it will count as spam. So be aware from doing continuous pinging without any reason. Always use this site for doing white hat seo, otherwise google penalty waiting for you.

I believe this ping sites list will help to knock your content on search engine to catch earlier. As said before adivce you for the last time do not use it for wrong way, if do harder punishment from search engine you will see.


12 thoughts on “Ping sites List 2017: Index Your Content Quicker

  1. Hi Rishad,
    Thanks for sharing the great list of Pinging website. Pinging website really help to index site quickly and I’m using Googleping and Pingomatic for my blog. But I have a question, Is pinging a blog regularly good for a blog in the case of SEO?

  2. HI Fakharuddin,

    Thanks for stopping here. Pinging help you to index your content faster. It notify blog to search engine. So it is good for seo. But if you pinging for a same content multiple time it will be no good as well.

  3. Hello Rishad,
    Greetings for the day!!
    Thanx for list and how frequent can we ping the blogs ?
    Is it weekly twice or thrice?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Vectra,

    So glad to see you here. You can ping your blog post as long it is not indexed in search engine. Once your post indexed no require to ping.

  5. Hi Rishad vai,
    Thanks for providing us such a huge list of pinging website.I have a question that my website has been index by google very fast but bing is not index like google.Is pinging website helpful for index on bing?

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