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How to optimize twitter profile ranking

Twitter profile ranking can assist you to makeĀ  your online name and fame. Search engine capture twitter profile earlier than any other site. So we understand that Twitter profile ranking is very helpful for faster seo. Twitter profile can give you rank on your profile name in search engine.

Here are below some tips for how to optimize twitter profile ranking:


1) Optimize your user name and title name:

twitter profile ranking

Your twitter name will be on this theory (title name)@(user name) on twitter. our title name is written on twitter is mizmizi and user name is MizmiziBlog.

2) Meta description on twitter:

Meta description is always important thing for for seo. google always watch for meta description. Twitter bio is known as meta description. twitter bio has to be simple, attentive and informative. Twitter bio should not exceed 160 word. Keep your website link twitter bio.


Twitter  bio mizmizi

Increase volume of tweet. More tweet you will get more more attention to search engine. Tweet should be audience attractive. If possible use website post link for seo. Educative and attractive tweet makes more follower. Keep tweeting to rise your twitter profile ranking.

4) Retweet and retweet:

Google pay more attention retweet than tweet. Google believe retweet mean content is good and it deserve ranking. More retweet comes, google suggest you upper PR. To rise your twitter profile ranking you need more retweet. For getting more retweet your content should be audience attractive, readable and informative.

5) Anchor text:

Anchor text indexed on search engine in short time. It helps you to get ranking on your content. It also help to rise your twitter profile ranking.

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6) Make follower and optimize twitter list:

Make more follower to your profile. High PR follower can provide you a boost to rise your twitter profile ranking.

7) using #hashtag to make more visibility:

hashtag is necessary portion for Twitter profile ranking. When you tweet your content use hashtag on it. Use hashtag on your keyword. when people search on this keyword they will also found your keyword.

8) Submit twitter account to twitter directory:

Submit twitter account to twitter directory makes more follower. It assist to build twitter profile ranking. Do not submit your link continuously to twitter directory.

9) 3rd party application:

3rd party application is keep other social network site link on your profile. Say as, you can use your profile link of facebook, linkedin, pinterest on twitter profile. google has a deep attention on 3rd party application to build your social ranking.



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