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Long tail pro is best keyword research tool since 2011. Here i am going to share with you Long Tail Pro Discount 2017. It’s an massive offer. With using this long tail pro coupon code you will able to save almost 50% money.

Keyword research is most important aspect for a site.  If you can choose perfect keyword for your blog then you will shine on online earlier. To be shine in online you need to use best keyword research tool.

Perfect choosing of a keyword gives a blog permanent income. To see permanent earning or passive income from your blog you should use powerful keyword research tool.

Long Tail Pro Discount

As you know long tail pro is best keyword research tool. Maximum top blogger use long tail pro and recommend it. More than 70000 people use long tail pro keyword research software so you understand how much important is this. All of them get better feedback from long tail pro. So why not you?

Long Tail Pro Discount 2017: Best Keyword Research Tool

If you have any business in online then you should use long tail pro. I would like to give you long tail pro discount which will save big portion of your money. Here is a link of long tail pro discount. Which will save US$20.

Basically i share long tail pro discount only for the reason availability to all internet earner. I mean if you are interested to earn money from online then you should use long tail pro keyword research tool. If you determine to purchase this tool then you should use long tail pro coupon code. It will save your money.

Why Long tail pro is famous?

Best research of a keyword makes a blog perfect. One keyword can bring thousand of dollar on your pocket. So if you can choose perfect keyword for your blog you will see massive earning on your blog.

There have many keyword research tool in the market. Many of them do not give complete feature. So for that reason we need to use several keyword research tool.

Long tail pro solve this problem. They come with full feature which should have a keyword research tool. Long tail pro feature get place on all internet marketers heart.

People love complete package and they give it. Online marketer love to grab it for their keyword research. In my eyes; it’s an outstanding  software for keyword research.

Before purchasing this i think you need to know feature of long tail pro. Let’s dive on long tail pro feature

Long Tail Pro Feature

Long tail pro is most outstanding software for keyword research. Long tail pro is most competitive keyword research tool. It’s feature will make difference to you what powerful have then other tool.

Faster: Long tail pro is faster than all other keyword research software. It is almost 8 times faster than market samurai. You should concentrate on faster software which can give you faster output. You can get your desired keyword within a second.

Keyword Research: You can find up to 800 keyword on your seed keyword. This feature is rare to other tool. You can find how many people are searching on your desired keyword on each month globally and locally. You can also search with number of words. If you can get 800 keyword of your seed keyword then it become much more easier for you to choose best one.

competitor analysis
Competitor Analysis: Why you waste your money just to analysis your competitor. Long tail pro giving you opportunity to analyze competitor. You can easily analyze top ten competitor of your keyword.

You will able to see their title, url, meta tag, page authority, page rank, site age, domain authority, moz rank, page links and juice links. What else you want to analyze about your competitor?

exact match domain check on Long Tail Pro

Exact match domain: Are you interested to work on niche? You can see from here exact domain from your searching keyword. This will help you to hit on top earlier. Just give the name of your keyword you will get .com, .net. .org, .biz, .info and .us domain result.

You can check automatically on your seed keyword whether exact keyword match domain available or not. No need to use other tool for this simple work.

Real time filtering: You can filter your keyword with real time. I mean you can filter your keyword with local search, global search, advertiser competition, keyword competitiveness and many other. This will give a clear concept to choose right keyword.

This feature makes easier to choose perfect keyword. So filter your keyword with this awesome option.

Adding notes: When you see you are getting 800 keyword on your seed you may need to add note on some of the keyword. This notes help you to remember which keyword is perfect for your blog. So note down what need to and search more good keyword.

Long tail pro rank checker

Rank Checker: Why you will pay more money to check your rank? Long tail pro has a built in rank checker feature. With this feature you can automatically check your ranking on 3 top search engine google, yahoo and bing.

It will save your money and time. You will get your exact rank on search engine with this feature.

Export Result: Always keep a back up of your work in offline. It will help you never to lose. In long tail pro with just click a button you can export your data into a spreadsheet. That’s very easy and helpful.

Search multiple seed keyword: In only long tail pro you will able to search multiple seed keyword at a time. This will save your time. You can get lots of keyword faster with this feature.

Keyword Competitiveness: When you can understand competitiveness of your keyword then you are able to choose perfect keyword for your blog.

To find out competitiveness of a keyword so many thing need to search and then find out. It’s time killing and sometime it become boring work.

keyword competitiveness

But in long tail pro they have this built i feature to find out keyword competitiveness. If KC (Keyword Competitiveness) is 0 – 10 then it mean no competition and start work with this keyword.

It KC is 10 – 20 then competition is extremely low, so easily you can get rank with this keyword. IF KC is 20 – 30 competition is low select this keyword for your blog.

If KC is from 30 – 40 then you will see average competition. Before choosing this keyword you better analyze your competition.

If it is 40 – 50 you can say it as high competition and if you want to dive on it then again before start. 60 – 70 is very high
competition and better to skip. 70 – 100 kc is just as never think about that.

From this Keyword competitiveness you can select which keyword is perfect for you and can reach easily on top of google. It’s an outstanding feature of long tail pro which make me very happy.

Money Back Guarantee: I do not think no one request for refund. But if you think you are not satisfied with their service just knock them for refund. Long tail pro give you 30 days money back guarantee.

Here we give long tail pro discount and their official guarantee offer. With both of this you are fully risk free.

Update: If any new update comes up of this product you will get free and easily update of their latest feature.

How does it based?

Long tail pro used adobe air platform. It’s a cross platform runtime system and it build desktop and mobile application.

Long tail pro based on adobe air and it smoothly work on both Mac and pc. It also support on android device. With using this platform long tail pro become more easier and comfortable to customer.

Any problem?

If you have any problem or troubleshoot with long tail pro you can visit their faq page or 24×7 support center. They will give you instant solution.

These feature make long tail pro popular to all of online marketer. If you want to earn money from online then long tail pro is for you.

Here we are offering long tail pro discount. Long tail pro discount code is not available everywhere. Here you can get highest long tail pro discount. You can save your money with using our referral.

After these all if you want to know any thing more regarding keyword research or long tail pro discount just contact with us.

We are always pleased to help you.

Note: If you have query or problem regarding long tail pro discount or long tail pro coupon code please feel free to contact us.

If you need further support regarding this product we are always beside you. Do not feel hesitate to take support from us. It’s free and we love to support the people who want.

We get best output after using long tail pro keyword research tool. We recommend about long tail pro after getting advantages from it.It’s an complete package and i think other tools may not able to give that much feature like long tail pro. It’s price worthy.

To save more money while purchasing this product use our long tail pro discount offer and get massive  concession.

Let’s have a taste on this powerful keyword research software.

Note: Long tail pro does not provide coupon or discount all the year. They offer discount with any occasion, so link will be automically reach you to discount page once there official site give offer for their customer.

You will be winner if you purchase long tail pro for your keyword research, doesn’t matter if it is with discount or not.

So enjoy using long tail pro for achieving best keyword for your blog.

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