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Best Landing Page Builder 2017 : Focus on Conversion Rate

If you want to increase your conversion rate then you must use Best Landing Page Builder 2017 . On this content i will share with you best landing page builders which assist you to choose perfect one for your blog.

Landing Page Builder: Is It Really Important?

Yes, it’s more important than i can say.Once you have beautiful landing page builder software then you can increase your subscriber and visitor engagement. They are not only your subscriber also your permanent customer. You can sell product to them for life time.


There have so many landing page builder available such as thrive leads, leadpages, Optimize Press 2.0, Megaphone, click funnels and many more.

I took taste with many mobile landing page builder and here will i show you what exactly feature they have. Firstly let’s check what feature should have an content builder.

Best Landing Page Builder 2017

Responsive: No doubt it should be responsive design. On any size it should support perfectly. From 2016 you can expect 52% of your visitor will come from mobile.

So if your landing page builder is not mobile friendly then you will miss lot of visitor.

You should have Mobile Landing Page Builder For increase your Conversion funnel.

Easy Editor: If you can easily edit your page builder then you can make it as you want. So i give priority on it because if you do not get satisfaction from your design then your visitor will not like for sure.

Custom Image: Sometime you need to put your desired image.

Video: People love video all over the world. Customer get more attraction from video. You landing page builder should be compatible with video.

A/B Test: From A/B Test you can find out where you will get highest CTA and subscriber. From this test you will able to increase subscriber rapidly. Many of them do not have this feature. Best tools for a/b test is .

Styling: The more style is your content you will see more engagement from your reader. You can make your font bold, italic, paragraph and many other style from this content builder.

Mail Subscriber box: Most vital feature it is. If you can get both landing page builder and subscription box from a place then why look for pay more. Thrive content builder give awesome opportunity for this.

Faster: It should be faster because google give a ranking factor on speed.

HTML and CSS: You should have the opportunity to edit html and css for make it more beautiful.

So from above we can get clear idea about what feature should have an content builder. Now i am going share with you feature of my tasted product. I experiment with all below plugin and now i am share my honest review with these product.

Ultimate feature of Landing Page Builder

Thrive Landing Page: Most popular plugin it is and my favorite. I am pretty happy to use it. I get all feature which require.

Price are also cheap and affordable. I already share with you my personal review on this product. Let’s discuss more about it

Responsive: What i always looking first. It is responsible and fit perfectly on any size and devices. One of the best mobile landing page builder ever i seen it is.

Very Easy to use and setup: You can install this plugin on your site easily and you do not need to change any thing on your theme. So life become more easier. Another thing you need not to have any knowledge on coding as it is user friendly.

Styling: Most powerful and gorgeous style format has this thrive content builder. You can set icon, table, price comparison, testimonial from here. You can also create 2 column, countdown timer and many other feature from this plugin.

Video: Video will make your site viral. To increase more engagement thrive allow you to share video too.

Image: Anywhere on your post you can put image. You can also change background image on this plugin.

Google Font: To make your content more beautiful you need to use many which only has google fonts. Yes, thrive content builder is also integrated with google fonts. So you can use as much as you want from here to make landing page builder more smarter.

Speed: Do you need your plugin as faster? Answer is obviously yes. Then you should use it.

Templates: They have limit less templates which will be match with your requirement. Choosing awesome templates which will make landing page more beautiful.

Customer Support: Sometime you may need it. Once you contact any time you will get instant solution.

What other Feature can attract you: They have lot’s of feature you can not even think about those feature. You can get wordpress theme, lead pages also from here. You need to keep it mind which is best on low price. Then answer is thrive landing page.

It has all feature and price is only US$67.

Instabuilder: Instbuilder is one of the finest drag and drop landing page builder. It’s an plugin which is trusted by more than 6000 user. You will get full access on this plugin.

Let’s dive into feature of instabuilder….

Instabuilder is very easy to use because they developed with keep in mind for busy internet marketers. It’s easy navigation will make you more happy. Visual editor is incredible. You will able to create stunning design from this visual editor.

It has 100 of templates all are totally different from other. They have squeeze pages templates, sales page, download pages template, webinar templates and many other what you require.

When you will format your text you should not to be known with html and css. You can also put text image, video, icon, button, column and many other. It has also opt in technology.

Are You interested to lock your content? Then use instabuilder.

They also have awesome graphics icon which you love. If you want to create your own design then you can make also.

Need customer support? Just ask them with your query and get your answer. They are ready to help you 24/7.

Price: Prices are affordable. Price start from US$77.

1MinuteSites: Do you ever hard any landing page builder which you need not to download or install. It mean with install plugin can make your site slower. From 1 minute sites it will not be. Because it’s an web base application. Just log in there and create stunning landing pages.

It’s very popular for beginner. It’s nicely responsive on any device. You can create your landing page from here even less than a minute.

They have more than 120 templates which is developed with customer interest.

Still worried to invest here? No worry! because they offer 30 day no question money back guarantee.

As it is secure for 30 days. So you can take a taste. If not good then take your money back.

Price: 1 minute sites price start from US$39.95.

91% customer are happy with using 1 minute sites. What is your?

Megaphone: Megaphone is an landing page builder developed by kajabi. What you need for making an marketing page they have all of it.

It’s an very faster plugin as it is cloud base platform. You can check real time demographics from here. No need to go somewhere else for that.

You can make unbelievable unique pop up from here. Which will help you to increase your list. It is fully responsive like all other landing page plugin. They have individual and specific category template for you.

Last but not least!

I think you have understand the importance of making marketing page. How much fruitful it is. It can increase your sell like a funnel. If you are newbie and not interested to invest money before earning from online, then i would recommend you free landing page builder.

But this is not suitable for longer.

Landing Pages Builder from wordpress: You will able to get it as free for forever from wordpress. I just advice to use for short time. Once you will have money switch on premium for hungry earning.

What will be best for you

From my eyes answer will be if you have no money or interested to invest money then use this one. It’s free but remember for earning like skyscraper you have go to for premium.

I always recommend you to use thrive landing page which is cheap, affordable and gorgeous then we think. Most effective tools for landing page builder is one and only thrive content builder.

What other thing can increase your conversion rate?

Did you think what else can higher your conversion rate?

There have some masala which can increase your conversion rate.

Test Your call to action you will get higher rate.

Don’t believe?

Have a prove here for you! Hubspot increase their conversion your rate with testing their cta.

Headline. It can be increase….


What do you say?

You are thinking am i mad? Yes Headline also can helpful lift off your conversion.

You can even increase up to 7% from it. Wanna Prove? Let’s see proven method.

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