justhost vs godaddy

Justhost vs Godaddy 2017: Catch Best Web Hosting Ever

Heyy buddy! Today i am going to show you a comparison on justhost vs godaddy. This comparison will make you clear to choose which product is best for you. Not only that from this comparison you can easily find out which company is better on which area.

justhost vs godaddy

Today we will show you which feature makes a hosting site best. Each and every point of a better hosting site we will show you below.How to choose best hosting for your blog you can easily find out from there. So let's go inside on justhost vs godaddy.

Company Background

Justhost is a first class web hosting provider since 2008. Justhost is one of the most popular hosting provider in america. Now they become largest hosting provider in united kingdom. They are also famous for their service in australia.

Justhost is sister concern of Endurance international group. Hari ravichandran founded this company in 1997. Endurance international group has more than 2500 employee and more than three (03) million customer all over the world. Their other popular sister concern company is bluehost, hostgator, small orange, arvixe and some other popular hosting.

Godaddy launched on 1997 founded by bob parsons. Godaddy is mostly popular as domain provider company. They have also reputation for good hosting provider. Godaddy they sell over 61 million domain to their 13 million customer. Currently more than 4000 people working on godaddy.

Godaddy also involve with online related software service. Godaddy is world largest icann accredited register. Godaddy also was an sponsor of on nascar.

Justhost vs Godaddy: Feature Comparison

Both of the company has tons of feature to attract customer and to keep their previous customer to them with their service. Let's go inside feature of justhost and godaddy.

I would like to share feature of both of their product on individual category. Let's start


Website: 1

50 GB of Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Standard Performance

Included Domain: 1

Parked Domain: 5

Sub Domains: 25

E-mail Account: 5

  • Storage: 100mb

$3.95 / month


Website: 10

150 GB of Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Standard Performance

Included Domain: 1

Parked Domain: 20

Sub Domains: 50

E-mail Account: 100

US$ 150 Marketing offer

1 Spam Experts

$6.95 / month


Website: Unlimited

Unlimited Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Highest Performance

Included Domain: 1

Parked Domain: Infinite

Sub Domains: Infinite

E-mail Account: Infinite

US$ 300 Marketing Offer

1 SSL Certificate

1 Dedicated IP

$14.95 / month

Justhost Basic

Basic plan of justhost is one of the solution for newly arrived businessman in online. You can keep one domain with this package. You will get 50 gb website space with this package. Justhost will give you unlimited bandwidth and high class performance on this package. You can also parked 5 domain on this package.

You have opportunity to create 25 sub domain with your domain name with this package. You can also create 5 e-mail account on this package and email storage will be 100 mb for each account. One of the finest package for the starter is justhost basic plan.

Justhost Plus

It is most popular package on justhost. This package is ultimate solution for online marketers. Who has business on niche blog, review blog, corporate firm, celebrity blog this package is mostly adjust with them. You can keep up to 10 of your website on this package. Website space is unbelievable which is 150 gb. No question on bandwidth as it is unmetered. You can park up to 20 domain on here.

Limit for sub domain on this package is 50. You can also create 100 e-mail account on this package with storage capacity of 500 mb per account. You will get US$150 for advertising. This bonus offer will really bring visitor and money to your blog. 1 spam experts will be for you to protect your site. It's an outstanding and affordable package for online marketers.

Justhost Pro

Justhost pro is best package for professional people. On this package you can add unlimited domain, limitless bandwidth and high class performance. If you wish you can park unlimited domain on this package. You have opportunity to create unlimited e-mail and their storage capacity is limit less. Another good offer on this package is sub domain which is also limit less.

You will get US$300 as marketing offer, so you can utilize this money to show your ad on google or bing. On this package you will also get 2 spam experts. You will be happy hear that one ssl certificate has for you on this package. You want dedicated ip then this package is bet solution for you, because you will get one dedicated ip on this package.

Which user is looking for limit less for justhost pro package is best solution for them.

Godaddy Package

Godaddy has linux based web hosting. They assure you that each of the package you will get 99% uptime. They global data center which can show you faster loading time. Let's discuss each of there package.


Best  Package for Starter

Website: 1

100 GB of Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

E-mail Address: 100

$3.99 / month


Best Package for Multiple Sites

Website: Unlimited

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

E-mail Address: 500

$4.49 / month


Best Package for Heavy Traffic

Website: Unlimited

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

E-mail Address: 1000

2X Processing Power & Memory

2X Processing Power & Memory

Free SSL Certificate

Premium DNS

$7.99 / month


Economy is a good for starter business. You can create one website on this package. Storage capacity for this package is 100 gb. Unlimited bandwidth have ready for you on this package. You will get a free domain with annual plan. Outstanding offer for newbie.


Deluxe plan is basically create with the keep of mind online marketers. Who has multiple site or want to create then this package is best solution for them. You can create unlimited website on this package. That's an outstanding package. Unmetered bandwidth have for you on this package. Storage capacity is also unlimited.


Ultimate plan is one of the most secure and powerful package on godaddy. You can put unlimited website on this package. No doubt this package give you unlimited bandwidth and unmetered storage. Bonus offer on this package is you can create up to 1000 mail address on this package. You will also get 2x processing power and memory which will make your site more faster.

To prevent your site from hacker you will get premium dns on this package. To increase your search engine ranking you will get 1 year free ssl certificate. This ssl certificate will help you to secure your site more.

Hopefully you are enjoying justhost vs godaddy comparison. Now what you think up to this who will win in between justhost vs godaddy?

Many other discussion is waiting for you on below to show you godaddy vs justhost who is best.

Hey buddy godaddy package is not finish yet. They have fully customized wordpress hosting which will make your life more easier. Let's have a look godaddy wordpress hosting package.


Best package for Starter

1 Website

10 GB of SSD Storage

Visitor Limit: 25,000 /Month

SFTP access

Free Domain

$3.99 / month


Best Seo Friendly Package

1 Website

15 GB of SSD Storage

Visitor Limit: 1,00,000/month

SSH/SFTP access

SEO Plugin

Free domain

$4.49/ month


Best Package for more website and security

2 website

30 GB of SSD Storage

Visitor Limit: 4,00,000/month

SSH/SFTP access

Free domain

1 SSL certificate

Malware scan and removal

SEO Plugin

$7.99 / month


Best Online Marketers Package

5 Website

50 GB of SSD Storage

Visitor Limit: 8,00,000/month

SSH/SFTP access

Free Domain

SSL Certificate

$13.99 / month


You can start your career or business with this basic package. You can put one website on this package, you will also get 10 gb ssd storage. Limit for visitor on each month is 25,000. You have chance to get a free domain on annual plan.


Deluxe is specially customize for to catch your site on search engine. I think you can tell this package as seo friendly hosting. You can put 1 website on this package. You will get 15 gb ssd storage. You can bring up to 1,00,000 visitor on each month. You will also have ssh and sftp access. You will get search engine optimization plugin on this package.


This package is for the people who wants to keep more website, highest security and tons of storage. You will get 30 gb ssd storage on this package. Up to 4,00,000 visitor can come your site with this package. You will get free customized free search engine optimization plugin. To secure your site you will get 1 ssl certificate.

Not only this to secure your site, you will see built in malware malware scan and removal. What else you want to secure your site?


With the name of the plan you understand this package mostly suitable for whom? Yes, this site is fully customized for developer. You can keep up to 5 websites on this package. 50 gb ssd storage for you which is massive, 1 year ssl certificate to make your site more secure. You have a chance to win a free domain with selecting annual plan.

Hopefully we have a good comparison on package of justhost vs godaddy. I think now you have clear knowledge about each plan of both product.

According to the plan feature in between justhost vs godaddy we can say justhost is winner.

Price Comparison: Justhost Vs Godaddy

Here below i am giving you price chart on both justhost and godaddy. So let's see a price comparison on justhost vs godaddy





Name of Package


Justhost Package

Basic        Plus         Pro

$3.95      $6.95     $14.95

Godaddy Linux Plans

Economy Deluxe Ultimate

$3.99          $4.49      $7.99

Godaddy Wordpress Plan

Basic Deluxe Ultimate Developer

$3.99  $4.49  $7.99   $13.99

  • What you think who is winner on price chart of justhost vs godaddy?
  • If we look on package then godaddy has lot's of package. But if we look on price with feature then justhost has cheapest offer with tons of feature.
  • So after analyze the price of justhost vs godaddy we can say justhost is winner.
Security, Reliability and Performance

If you look on both the company is reliable hosting provider and interested to give highest performance to the customer.

If question comes on security then my answer is justhost has no claim with security. Godaddy has controversies to the privacy and security.


No question to be ask about that. Godaddy is world best domain name provider company.


Finally with measure of feature, price and security of justhost vs godaddy we can come up with a solution. Now we can say easily which is best in contrast of justhost vs godaddy.

From overall performance, feature, plan, price and security we can declare that justhost is winner.

Use justhost for your site.

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