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Increase blog traffic 2017 with 15 tips and tricks

A blog or site is popular when it has visitor regularly. There are few process to Increase blog traffic 2017. While you follow these tips you will see more viewers on your blog. I hope this tips will surprisingly helpful for you to increase visibility of your blog.

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Tips and techniques for Increase blog traffic

Attractive and Descriptive Title: Title is the first things what visitor see firstly.So title can tell a reader what can have inside on it. Better to use focus keyword earlier on title which also helpful for drive visitor.

Website Design: Web design is an valuable part for Increase blog traffic. When a visitor comes on your site they will look on design and decoration of your site. Web design should not be gorgeous. It should be simple, smart and user friendly. Use header, footer and sidebar in smart format.  Avoid flash design which is totally cheap now.

Content Which Is King: Content is the most important thing to increase blog traffic. Content should be simple, informative and helpful. Content should have a nice conclusion. Writing should be audience attractive. Always use appropriate grammar and word. Content will be like any one can read and understand.

Search Engine Friendly Content: Google say they have 100 billion search on each month. So it mean you can get maximum visitor from search engine. If your content is seo friendly you will get tons of visitor from search engine. For more visibility from search engine you can follow on page and off page seo procedure.

Social Network: Always give your site update on social site. You can drive huge visitor form social site.

Image: One image can say thousand of word. Image also assist you to increase blog traffic. Image should be simple, optimized and use some text word on mage also.

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Video: Video is one of the faster way to drive visitor. You can bring tons of visitor from a video.

Website Should Be Faster: Visitor never wait if site take time to load. So site should be faster.

Question Answering Site: You can discuss on question answering site. You may help someone with good answer. If there any question related with your topic then you can drive visitor from there.

Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is an good way to increase blog traffic. Commenting on other site and they will also come to your site may be to see or for commenting.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is an way to increase blog traffic.

Reddit and Stumbleupon: There have a lot visitor on reddit and stumbleupon. You can drive many visitor from these sites.

E-mail Subscription: You can drive huge visitor from e-mail subscription.

Photo Sharing Sites: Share your images on photo sharing sites. You can get plenty of visitor from there.

Video Sharing Sites: You can also get visitor from video sharing sites.


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  1. Absolutely good post .. well written and give clear picture . Yup ! title is the important part of the blog / site we should use title proper way the length of title using keyword in our title are really important .. best and valuable article for the beginners.. thanks for the post..

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