hostgator vs justhost

Hostgator vs Justhost Review: Reveal Best Hosting

One of my friend ask me, i am planning to buy a hosting. Could you please tell me hostgator vs justhost which is best. I said him i can not give you answer in a minute.

But i can give you explanation between both of them and you will find after that which is best.

hostgator vs justhost

Hostgator and Justhost two of them are top hosting provider in the industry. They touch customer heart from long time ago. But whenever you want to see which is best then you need to look on hostgator vs justhost.

Firstly if i ask you what you want from your hosting provider?

Answer will be cheap, secure and faster.

Also you can add customer support. This is much needed.

Who have these powerful feature they will be best for sure.

Let’s have a comparison on justhost vs hostgator

Hostgator vs Justhost: Who is Best?

Here i will show you step by step which is best hostgator or justhost.

Price: Customer always look for to save their earnest money. Here i give you an price comparison between hostgator and justhost. You will able to find easily which is best between them.

Justhost price start from US$2.95 per month. Which you can say as most cheapest price for hosting with highest quality. You an add unlimited domain with this price.

On the other hand, Hostgator is little expensive than justhost. Hostgator Hatchling plan start from US$3.96. You can host your one(1) domain on this package.

The most popular package of hostgator is Baby Plan. You can add your unlimited domain on this package. Baby plan package start from US$7.96.

Here i am giving you an price comparison table between hostgator and justhost. You will see here each package difference of hostgator vs justhost

Package Justhost Basic Plan Hostgator Hatchling
Regular Price US$7.99/ mo US$6.31/mo
Discount 71% off 33% off
Claim Price US$2.95/mo US$4.86/mo
Package Justhost Plus Plan Hostgator Baby plan
Regular Price US$10.99/ mo US$8.96/mo
Discount 67% off 24% off
Claim Price US$4.95/mo US$6.96/mo

Package Justhost PRO Plan Hostgator Business plan
Regular Price US$23.99/ mo US$13.46/mo
Discount 63% off 23% off
Claim Price US$9.95/mo US$10.46/mo

Bonus: Another thing customer always look for. Customer always love to choose the product which has more bonus offer.

Hostgator give you bonus US$100 on google adword and US$100 bing credit. On each package you will get 4500 free website template. It’s an amazing offer.

Justhost give one free domain on each package. You will not get this offer on hostgator. Justhost also give as hostgator US$100 google ad credit and US$100 bing credit. Justhost give you offer to use free theme from mojo marketplace. Where you will get themes, plugin and apps.

Feature: Now you need to know the detail feature of this two product. Here i am giving you an brief feature with comparison. Hopefully this feature comparison will show you to choose best one for your site.

Feature Justhost Hostgator
Free Domain 1 Domain Not Available
Website Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domain Unlimited Unlimited
Email Account  As much you want As much you want
Email Storage Unlimited Unlimited
CDN Global CDN not available
24/7/365 Support Yes Yes
Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes
Redirect URL Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin Yes Yes
File Manager Yes Yes
Cpanel Yes Yes
Marketing Offer US$300 included US$200 included

Money back Guarantee: Hostgator offer 45 days money back guarantee. So you are risk free for 45 days. If you feel hostgator package is not performing well then claim and get back your money.

Justhost offer 30 days money back guarantee. Which is less guarantee time than hostgator.

Speed: Hostgator is almost 7-8% faster than justhost. Google give more priority to the site who is faster. On this case, Hostgator is best.

Security: If question comes like this than answer is both are fully safe and secured.

Justhost hosting environment is fully reliable. If they see any problem on their hosting they solve these problem immediately.

Hostgator provides massive number of security to protect their server.

Datacenter: Hostgator has top tier data center in Houston and Provo. Basically their data center are for to keep up theire quality, performance and reliable to customer.

Houston data center space is almost 3,00,000 sq/ft which is required for make world class data center. For security on their data center they have 24×7 monitoring cc camera, biometric locks, secured entrance and mantraps.

Hostgator always use high profile hardware for their company. Hostgator data center equipped with cisco, juniper, brocade, arbor, arista.

On the other hand, justhost do not share where is their data center is located. But they have quad processor servers which is equipped with ups power back up generator.

For comparison of data center on hostgator vs justhost, i think hostgator has advance equipment and it will help to give faster and reliable hosting environment.

Customer Support: You may need live support any time if you face problem. I took support from both of them for test purpose.

I got faster response from justhost than hostgator.

Award: Let’s see who received more award:

Hostgator started their business on 2007 and in 2008 they receive award for fastest growing company in usa from inc. They also get many award from several organization. They receive best small business hosting award, best hosting award and best hosting transfer award.

Justhost also receive many award from different company. Justhost receive best reseller hosting award, largest web hosting company in uk, top hosting company award.

Video Tutorial: Another comparison on hostgator vs justhost. Hostgator and justhost both of the company give detail video for each thing which may customer need. Videos are clear, easy to understand for all.

If you see their video you may never need to take any help or support from anyone.

Uptime: Both of them can give you guarantee you that your site will be up on 99.9% time.

Here have an example of a site who is using hostgator

Verdict: Hostgator vs Justhost

On above discussion, i can tell you if you look for cheap and better customer support then go to justhost.

If you look for faster and more qualified hosting than go to hostgator.

On above verdict i can say you that better to go on quality not save money. From my view hostgator is more qualified than justhost.

Now it’s your time to take decision.

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