Press release is an process to publish an issue on news media. All business can get advantages from free Free press release submission sites list with high pr 2017 . Best way for promote your product is press release. Press release is not expensive for company announcing or product promote. It make your company well-known early. One of the positive thing for press release is, it bring a lot customer to you.

If you think Free press release submission sites list with high pr only for off page seo or increase pagerank, it should go totally wrong. Mr. Matt says: there have no benefit on link from best Free press release submission sites list with high pr

for ranking factor. Press release submission sites is an oldest seo technique. I will not say it is no more. Still it has value. If you can submit article on Press release submission sites in proper way, then you will get benefit from there. It still can help you to increase traffic on your site. Do not follow Press release submission sites only for backlink.

you need to write article on proper way to submit on Press release submission sites. Keep title attractive. Maximum 70 word are recommended for title. First para should be highly informative. Use bold, italic. Use capital in first word. Keep keyword on important sentence. Do not look for increase keyword density by force. Keep your address at the bottom of the page.

On this article we will provide you list of high PR dofollow press release site. You can submit there for product promotion, visibility, event and many more purpose. Before submit on Press release submission sites remember article should be unique and attractive.

Free press release submission sites list with high pr 2017

List of high PR dofollow Press Release Submission Sites
#    Press release submission sites Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 Page rank 8 479
2 Page rank 8 2985
3 Page rank 7 4819
4 Page rank 7 5099
5 Page rank 6 7208
6 Page rank 6 8328
7 Page rank 6 11188
8 Page rank 6 17062
9 Page rank 6 31294
10 Page rank 6 66839
11 Page rank 6 72881
12 Page rank 6 77603
13 Page rank 5 15383
14 Page rank 5 17031
15 Page rank 5 28586
16 Page rank 5 40462
17 Page rank 5 52507
18 Page rank 5 58879
19 Page rank 5 85819
20 Page rank 5182128
21 Page rank 4 10787
22 Page rank 4 18126
23 Page rank 4 67781
24 Page rank 4 70759
25 Page rank 4 79285





  1. Great list of websites that publish press releases. I were in a fix where to publish the press release of my new travel blog and after checking this list, I have found some websites that are good fit for me..
    Thanks for the post..