Free instant approval Directory Submission Sites 2017 are great way to make more power of a site. Instant approval free directory submission sites list can help you to make more power of your sites authority. fast approval directory list help you to faster index. You will get high PR authority from there.


There have many benefits of instant approval free directory submission sites. Here below we describe all of this

Advantages Of Free Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

Off Page Seo: Instant approval free directory submission sites are an part of off page seo. We can do better off page seo from there.

Pagerank: It help us faster to get higher pagerank. To submit directory on high PR, it will assist for increase pagerank.

Backlink: free submit directory list give you Quality backlink increase from there. You will get faster and high PR backlink from these sites.


Traffic: One of the great way to increase traffic is directory submission.

Keyword: You can submit your article link, title and description on instant approval directory submission sites.

Domain Authority: To increase domain authority you need to get backlink from this directory sites. This will directly help you to increase domain authority.

Many of directory sites like DMOZ take long time to give backlink. Here below we will give you list of instant approval directory submission sites. We hope this sites will help you to make more backlink for your site. list of web directories free submission

High PR Best Free Directory Submission Sites List 2017

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Top Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List
# Page URL Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 Page rank 7 22241
2 Page rank 7 281359
3 Page rank 6 35785
4 Page rank 6 132700
5 Page rank 6 347105
6 Page rank 6 445292
7 Page rank 5 42555
8 Page rank 5 81390
9 Page rank 5 691089
10 Page rank 4 125155
11 Page rank 4 219752
12 Page rank 4 327992
13 Page rank 3 222937
14 Page rank 2 31754
15 Page rank 2 120758
16 Page rank 2 440759
17 Page rank 1 28964
18 Page rank 1 87480
19 Page rank 1 1538328
20 Page rank 1 9488389
21 Page rank 0 549858
22 Page rank 0 690696
23 Page rank 0 1051037
24 Page rank 0 1077020
25 Page rank 0 1092388
26 Page rank 0 1198346
27 Page rank N/A 112477
28 Page rank N/A 468327
29 Page rank N/A 822665
30 Page rank N/A 1170607
31 Page rank N/A 1247584

From this instant approval directory sites you can make high quality backlink for your blog. This backlink will help you to get more power of your blog.

On above hopefully you get clear idea on importance of instant directory sites and list of it. If you can use them properly you will see faster authority of your blog.

We hope this instant approval directory list will help you to make quality backlink. If you have any question or suggestion regarding instant directory sites, please feel free to drop your valuable comment below.


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