Essential On page SEO Tips and Techniques 2017

Today i’m going to share with you on page seo tips 2017 On page seo is optimization of individual page or article for your site.On page seo is very important to make your page attractive for visitor.On page seo make your site user friendly to search engine and also for visitor. If you can use properly on page seo your website page or content  will be in the top of search engine.

There have many essential on page seo tips and techniques. Here we will give detail information for make an best on page seo.


On page seo Tips 2017

Page Title:

Use keyword forward of the page title. Page Title has to be unique and keyword should be use on it. Page Title displayed on search engine and it understand to search engine as well also audience that what important information has on it. So, Page Title has to be attractive,then visitor want to come on your site when they look your title for first time. Title should be at least 40 word and no more than 70 word.


Url also should be relevant with keyword.The keyword and title must appear in the URL. Try to make url as short as possible.


Minimum word for content is 300 word. Content should be unique. Unique content index faster and reach you on top of search engine. Word has to be readable and simple for writing content. Keep keyword first paragraph of content. keyword need to be use several time (3 to 9 times) in your content. On page seo friendly content can reach your topic first page of the search engine.


When we read newspaper, headline attract us to read the content. Heading of a Web page make topic interesting to a visitor.Heading can clearly tell to the audience and search engine what story has on it. Search engine provide more weight on heading tag. It also help to develop search engine ranking factor. keyword should be use on heading tag to make content more reliable to search engine and audience.

Image Optimization:

Image optimization is an also necessary part for seo and visitor. Image should be relevant with content. Image should be like,audience can understand what valuable information have on this content when they see image.

Alt Tag of Image:

Search engine can not read image. they can read alt tag of image. Use alt tag image name similar with content. Alt tag image can index on search engine faster.

Internal link:

Google loves natural internal link. When you put internal link on your content remember your internal link need to be familiar with content. Internal link gives backlink. Put internal link with familiar topic, do not use it by force.

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