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Bluehost Vs Dreamhost 2017: Best Comparison on Hosting Review

When you plan to purchase hosting you should look make a comparison to find which is best. Here i am showing you bluehost vs dreamhost comparison, this will give you taste of A/B test. So you can easily find which hosting is best for you.

Let's have a comparison test between bluehost vs dreamhost.

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost 2017: fascinating Comparison

As we know both of them are best and leading hosting provider in the world. So to see the comparison between them you need to check every feature, controversies, error and many other.

After these you can finalize to choose which is best hosting provider in the world so far on bluehost vs dreamhost.

Let's know firstly about the both company. This is need not to know for a comparison but when you ask yourself how they become popular then it will helpful for you.

Company Background

Bluehost founded on 1996 by matt heaton. Bluehost is also an sister concern of endurance international group. Bluehost introduce with a feature to their name cpu throttling in 2009 which mean use who is pulling server resource at one time. From 2015 mike olson is working as Ceo of bluehost as their previous ceo dan handy switch to other company. Bluehost is hosting more than 2 million website all over the world.

On the other hand, Dreamhost founded in 1996 by 4 undergraduate students of harvey mudd college and they registered dreamhost on the name of michae rodriguez. Dreamhost is already hosting over 1,500,000 site all over the world. Dreamhost running their server on ubuntu os. Dreamhost is also computing service and cloud storage provider.


Let's give you feature detail of both bluehost and dreamhost. You can easily find out from here how much feature they have, which company has more feature and which is suitable for you. Let's see a good comparison on bluehost vs dreamhost feature.


Basically the word bandwidth is calculated with how much visitor you drive, how much page views and page size. Combination with three of them you can calculate how much bandwidth you need for your site.

But whenever, you are planning to use bluehost or dreamhost hosting then you never need to go on any bandwidth calculation. Because they give you always unlimited bandwidth. In bandwidth comparison on bluehost vs dreamhost i can say both of them are on great position and my answer is comparison is tie on here.

  Disk Storage

Disk storage is also known as web space. Basically meaning of disk storage is how much space you will get on your hosting. How much file you will be able to upload on your hosting package is also call as disk storage. This file type is included with html file, php file, images, videos and all other type of file.

Bluehost and dreamhost host both are give you limitless disk storage, so you can upload file as much as you want. As both of them give unlimited disk storage so you can not say specific one company as winner. So, on this feature both company has equal feature. We better select winner is tie on this comparison.

  • Unlimited disk storage doesn't mean unlimited at all. It mean the level of space user can't hit. So to the customer this is unlimited because they are not able to hit the limit of storage.

Money back need when customer is not satisfied with the service or product. Here both of the hosting provider is so good and no customer need to ask for money back. As both of the company give highest performance to the customer and they are happy with them. 

Dreamhost is giving 97 days no question ask money back guarantee. On the other hand, bluehost is giving only 30 days money back guarantee. As their customer service is best so their money back complain comes very less. But bluehost giving less time then dreamhost.

So dreamhost is winner on money back guarantee.


Content delivery network is for to speed up your site. Now google give highest position to the site who has faster site. To make your site faster best hosting is not enough at all. Because maximum of the hosting provider location is on usa, when visitor comes, europe, asia or africa they find site little slower.

Dreamhost and bluehost both are also providing free cdn with their hosting plan. Dreamhost is providing cloudflare cdn and bluehost is providing sitelock cdn.

Both of the cdn company network has almost all prominent place in the world. So with using this free cdn on your site you will get better ranking from google and visitor will be happy to see quicker loading.

As both of the company is providing free cdn on their package, so you can not who is winner on this comparison. So we can say bluehostvs dreamhost cdn comparison is draw.

  • Free Domain

You will get a free domain while you purchase a package on bluehost or dreamhost. Both of the company offering a free domain with the package. So both of the company has same feature on this category.

Multiple Website

Both of the company give multiple website feature on depend on their package. On basic package of their hosting they provide you only one website space. But in advance plan both the company offering to keep unlimited website on their hosting. So they have same feature on keeping multiple website on their hosting.

On above comparison on dreamhost vs bluehost we can not select any one as winner as both the company has equal feature.

Customer Support

Support a customer faster is enhance faith to the customer. As much as a company can give support to their customer they will get success faster than other company. As both the company is on highest level and customer are satisfied with them. We can also say that regarding support customer has no claim on both of the company.

Both the company has same customer support standard. So they do not have any difference on this section.

Live Chat

On live chat customer can ask about their instant query, about product, billing or any thing to solve the problem or query faster. Bluehost has easier live chat option on their footer menu. But dreamhost does not have any link on their site to go directly for live chat. It shocked me!

They have tons of customer and so many people are interested to be a part of it. But they do not have live chat option transparently? That's a very bad site of a online based company. No doubt bluehost easily win on this comparison as dreamhost does not have this option.


Demo is a great option for user to know before purchasing product that what they have on inside. It will give you fully clear concept of the product. Bluehost has this great feature to enhance their customer satisfaction. I feel very sad for dreamhost lover that they do not make any feature as demo for their customer.


Tutorial help customer step by step solution that what they want to learn. If any company has this feature on their product,then customer easily become an advance level user. Tutorial is much needed for any company to give more satisfaction to their customer.

Bluehost has this tremendous feature. Dreamhost has this but not exactly as customer need. Dreamhost need to make their tutorial feature more easier for their customer.

As bluehost has very easy to learn feature then we can say bluehost is winner here.

Advertising Offer

Advertising offer is now a common feature of each hosting company. But customer get lots of benefits with this feature. They can promote their product on top search engine sites. It help them to enhance product sell and visitor. Customer love this feature.

Bluehost and dreamhost both company give free advertising offer with their annual package. So we can not select any one as winner as both the company has equal feature.


If you see your site is down then how you will feel? That's so pathetic if happen. But bluehsot and dreamhost both are very careful to keep their server up for all time. They give guarantee to their customer that they are liable to give 100% up time on their server. So customer need not to be worry about up time on this two hosting.


Getting award is nice thing. It makes quality of product more stronger. Bluehost and dreamhost are both award winning hosting provider. They receive many award as best hosting provider. So here, on this comparison of bluehost vs dreamhost we are unable to select any one as winner. Because both the company is award winning hosting provider.

Package Comparison: Bluehost vs Dreamhost

Both dreamhost and bluehost has some exclusive package. Their package is attractive, helpful and affordable for all of us.


Bluehost and dreamhost both of them are also domain name provider. You can even purchase your domain from them. But they are more popular as hosting provider.​

Shared Hosting

Both hosting provider offer shared hosting for their customer. Dreamhost have only one shared hosting package option. I mean it fix up the customer choose as the have no other option. But bluehost has 3 shared hosting package option. Which help a customer to choose the best one for them. On below box i give a clear idea about shared hosting package of both company.

Dreamhost Shared Hosting

Dreamhost shared hosting is perfect for blog, corporate, database, news and many more. This package will be hosted on solid state drives (SSD). You know ssd is much faster and safer hard disk in the world. You can host as much as domain you want. One free domain is waiting for you on this package. Price of this package is us$7.95/mo.

Bandwidth and storage is unlimited for you on this package. As i said you above they will give you 97 days money back guarantee.


Shared Hosting

Unlimited Site

Unlimited Disk Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

One Free Domain

  • 97 days money back guarantee

$7.95 / month

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost has 3 option on their shared hosting package. Name of the package is basic, plus and business pro. Below i give you little detail on each option.​

You can host one website on this package. Website space is 50 gb, no question for bandwidth as it is unmetered. You have opportunity to park 5 domain on this package. You have option to create 5 e-mail account here and storage capacity for this each mail is 100 mb. Price of this package is very cheap only us$2.95.

It is the most popular package of bluehost. You can host up to 10 website on this package. You will get 150 gb web space on this hosting plan. Here performance is standard and bandwidth is unmetered. You can park up to 20 domain and chance to create up to 50 subdomain.

If you ask for e-mail account then answer is create up to 100 account and want to know space of e-mail storage then answer is 500 mb for per account. Now come to the price which is very cheap and only us$4.95/ per month.

This package is only suitable for businessman. All type of unlimited feature has on this package. You have no limit for bandwidth, storage, e-mail account domain and many other. Price is start from for this package is us$13.95 per month.

One Website

50 GB of Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Host 5 Parked       Domain
  • 25 Sub domain
  • 5 mail account

$3.49/ month


Most Popular

10 Website

150 GB of Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

US$150 Advertising Offer 

  • 20 Parked             Domain
  • 50 Sub domain
  • 100 mail                account

$5.95 / month

Unlimited Website

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Parked Domain

Unlimited Sub Domain

Unlimited mail account

Unlimited mail storage

US$300 Advertising Offer

2 Spam Experts

$13.95 / month


Both is best hosting provider but you will shock to know that they have security breach record. In march 2015, bluehost has hacked by Syrian electronic army.

In january 2016, dreamhost accidentally billed extra worth of service from customer which is totally us$2.1 million. They have some other controversies regarding data center which become down on 2006 and a year later they compromised 700 website from dreamhost server just to improve their security.


We made a comparison of bluehost vs dreamhost on 16 part. On some part bluehost is winner, on dreamhost and rest other tie.

Overall bluehost win on 3 comparison, dreamhost win on 1 comparison and rest 12 part of the comparison is remain draw.

Maximum of the top blogger use bluehost as they get satisfactory service from theme. " Remember topper always use top product ". It is an reason i recommend everyone to use bluehost.

So overall, we can say that bluehost is winner as they win on major division.

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