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20+ Best Seo Optimized WordPress Themes 2016

Are you looking best wordpress themes for seo. To make your site popular you should use seo optimized wordpress themes. Now maximum visitor loves to come on a site from search engine. To bring more visitor make your site seo friendly. It mean you should use seo friendly wordpress themes for getting more visitor and rank.

Which is seo friendly wordpress themes

  • Themes Should be Faster.
  • Responsive on any device.
  • Simple code for editing.
  • Integrated with social sharing button.
  • Pretty Permalink.
  • Clean uses of valid HTML.
  • User friendly Navigation.

In Internet search engine has now leading position. It mean you will get big amount of visitor from search engine.

When write a content we follow on page and off page instruction. We put our lot’s of effort for making content seo friendly.

But have you ever think the theme you are using is it seo wordpress themes?

Yes you need to use best seo wordpress theme for your blog.

As you will get biggest portion of your visitor from search engine then why it your theme should not be seo friendly.

With using seo optimized wordpress themes you will get tons of visitor on your site.

Today we will give top premium seo optimized wordpress themes.

With using these themes your site will be faster. All themes are developed with clean and clear coding. Themes are also optimized for readability. These themes are also responsive on any device in any size. Here is below list of leading seo optimized wordpress themes.


Best Seo Optimized WordPress Themes


Blogology: Blogology is one of the high quality seo optimized wordpress theme which is selling on themeforest. Firstly you must know how a theme become search engine friendly. Google gives more value to those theme which has no coding error.  Blogology has no coding error. You can even check the plugin as behind the developer of blogology guarantee that theme is coding free. So you can take this for your blog. You will get highest ranking for your blog for sure.


Elicit Pro: Elicit Pro is one of the beautiful wordpress theme seo optimized. No coding error have of this theme. This is also an guaranteed theme which has no coding error. Elicit pro will unbelivably help you to reach top rank on search engine. So if you look for any seo optimized theme then elicit pro is best option for you.

Schema personal blog themes

Schema: Schema is fastest seo optimized wordpress themes. Schema has simple clean code. It also has easy accessible content. Schema has google algorithm friendliness. It also faster loading with high security. Schema has awesome tricks for google bot crawling deeper. Schema has secure, simple and lightweight code.

seo wp

SEO WP: With watching the name of this theme you may understand what feature have on this theme. Yes this theme specially customized for internet merketers. Google loves faster site. Seo wp keep their promises with making it very faster. You will surprise to see how faster is this theme. With this theme you will get many plugin for free. So need to use extra plugin which can make your site slower.


Pinstagram seo friendly wordpress theme

Pinstagram: Pinstagram  is made for google deeper crawling. It mean you will get more on search engine.  Very simple and clean code for editing and better seo. Seo expert recommend this theme for seo optimized theme.

SteadyIncome wordpress personal blog theme

SteadyIncome: SteadyIncome is an great seo friendly themes. It has all attractive feature to bring more visitor of your site. SteadyIncome is special for super fast speed. SteadyIncome developed with clean coding which google loves. It has awesome sharing button for more share. SteadyIncome also has shortcodes to make own feature.

TruePixel Seo Optimized wordpress Themes


TruePixel: TruePixel theme is developed specially to make your site search engine friendly. TruePixel will force to get highest ranking on search engine. It is one of the leading seo friendly wordpress themes. So use it to get best ranking.

OnePage seo ready wordpress theme

OnePage: OnePage is an seo ready theme. Onepage has Clean code for seo optimized. One page also handcrafted code for faster loading. It has unique blog layout for decrease bounce rate. Onepage has loating menu option for efficient user experience. Translate with any language just in a click. Awesome widgetized sidebar for user friendly navigation.

SociallyViral personal wordpress blog theme

SociallyViral: SociallyViral is an beautiful seo optimized wordpress themes. This themes are specially optimized with increase revenue, traffic and social share. SociallyViral has clean hand-writeen code for easy editing. SociallyViral has ultra fast loading speed. SociallyViral also has attractive widget for user friendly navigation.

digital agency

Digital Agency: It’s one of the outstanding seo optimized wordpress themes. This theme is fully responsive and look nice on any device and. It’s an faster theme which will assist you to get more ranking on google. It’s one of the perfect theme for digital agency, seo marketers and who love to get more visitor from search engine.

nexus wordpress personal blog theme

Nexus : Nexus is an amazing wordpress themes. Nexus is optimized for search engine. Nexus has super fast loading speed. Nexus use simple and valid code to make your site secure and faster. Nexus is beautiful for responsive. Use shortcodes to make new feature of your site.

smart seo

SmartSEO: It’s an one of the modern and best seo optimzied wordpress theme. It has lot’s of short code and premium plugin which is included with this theme. This theme also support on any language. If you want to be update with search engine then this one is recommend for you.



EMaxStore seo friendly wordpress theme

eMaxStore: eMaxStore is an great seo optimized wordpress themes. eMaxStore is fully responsive at any size. eMaxStore use AJAX loading for super fast load. eMaxStore optimized for user experience, search engine rank and speed. It has custom widget for simple user friendly navigation. It also has amazing google fonts for more readability.


magxp seo wordpress themes

MagXP: MagXP is an ultimate seo friendly theme. MagXP implemented best seo for higher ranking and more visitor. MagXP has cross browser compatibility. MagXP is speed optimized. Get more than 350 icons to attract visitor. MagXP has incredible layout for easy navigation.

Avada seo friendly wordpress themes


Avada: Avada is the best seo friendly wordpress themes in the market. As it has valid html and css code, seo search engine will index your content faster. Avada give you guarantee to rank you higher on search engine. Avada used by more than 1,00,000 site. So why not you use it for top ranking on google?

Freshlife amazing personal wordpress blog theme

Freshlife: Freshlife is an responsive search engine optimized theme. Freshlife custom widget give best user experience of your visitor. It is optimized with speed. It has awesome simple coding for seo and faster load. Freshlife nice blog layout increase visitor time length. Freshlife is compatible with any browser.

Best wordpress SEO Theme

Best: Best is an fully search engine optimized wordpress theme.  Best is on page loading theme. So it’s perfect for faster theme. It user friendly navigation make visitor more comfortable while browse.  Best has clean and simple code.

Metro SEO Ready wordpress Theme

Metro: Metro is an hot seo ready wordpress themes. Metro help you to bring your content top on search engine. Use shortcode for control the format and appearance. Metro is also an speed ready theme.


SoftPress Pinstagram seo optimized wordpress theme

SoftPress: SoftPress is an responsive seo ready wordpress theme. SoftPress always update them with google update. So no worry for google new tricks. Apply shortcode to make SoftPress more beautiful.

This Seo Friendly wordpress themes are highly helpful for getting ranking on google. If you have any query regarding seo friendly wordpress themes please put your valuable suggestion on below.

Also Take a Look Here:


Afterall you may think about that not interested to buy those seo wordpress theme.

Then what?

You should go for free seo wordpress themes. Here i am giving you free seo friendly wordpress themes. Our team developed this theme. You will get these theme free forever. Let’s have a taste on free seo friendly wordpress themes.

free seo friendly wordpress themes

elicit free wordpress theme

Elicit: Elicit is responsive, faster and clean coded theme. If you want to increase search engine crawling on your site then Elicit is best solution for you. Google always love to crawl those site who has seo optimized and faster theme.

We are also giving you free popular post widget and social media widget. It mean you will able to make your site more faster as you will use less plugin.

Justpress free wordpress theme

JustPress: JustPress is another brilliant theme developed by our powerful developer. We give more emphasis to make it responsive and faster. You can check here What exactly is an responsive web design. JustPress based on bootstrap3 and fully coded cleanly. Let’s have a taste on this free seo friendly wordpress themes.

Written by rkjislam

Hello This is RkjIslam. Skilled on Seo, Blogging and Wordpress. I enjoy to write on wordpress, seo and blogging. I am very enthusiastic on Web Design and Coding.


  • web design delhi (#)
    July 7th, 2015

    Thumbs up on all these themes.These themes are fresh and very good in design.I like Freshlife. It sounds something interesting.It is quite helpful for me for what i was looking for.glad to see such nice content.always great to receive such amazing themes. I will definitely use in my next project.

  • Mohd Arif (#)
    July 8th, 2015

    I love socially viral theme, this is a best-fit theme for trending type website, I have one multi-niche website, where I always share some trending news.

    Mohd Arif

  • Rishad (#)
    July 9th, 2015

    Hello Arif,

    Glad to see you loved sociallyviral. It is one of the best theme for who want to drive more visitor from search engine. Thank you for your words

  • web design jaipur (#)
    September 4th, 2015

    All of these themes is powerfull seo friendly. Is there free themes? For these time I do not use premium themes yet. Please tell me if there is free themes that recommended that support seo friendly.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Rishad (#)
    September 4th, 2015

    There have so many free themes are available in market. Free themes has many limitations which will force you to stop your work. It is always recommended to use premium theme for any types of online business.

  • Shaad (#)
    September 15th, 2015

    What about studio press themes? I’m interested to buy genesis framework 🙂 which theme provider will be best for seo mythemeshop or studiopress theme.waiting for your suggestion.thanks for your themes list

  • Usman Ahmad (#)
    September 22nd, 2015

    I like Schema theme, it is very seo friendly with good design. It also have lots options that can fit your needs.

  • rkjislam (#)
    September 22nd, 2015

    Hello Usman,

    Glad to see you loved schema. It is one of the best seo friendly wordpress themes. It will help you to increase your ranking on google. Thank you for commenting here.

  • rkjislam (#)
    September 22nd, 2015

    Hello Shaad,

    Studio press theme is an brilliant theme too. But if you looking seo ready wordpress theme then you can take a look on above theme we share. These theme are fully customize for making your site seo friendly. Hopefully you will choose theme from here. Thanking you for commenting here.

  • Web Development Jaipur (#)
    October 29th, 2015

    This is very nice collection of SEO Friendly WordPress themes.

    I was looking for wordpress SEO themes which give me good functionality and design also. I think my searching days now over because of found new theme which is surely complete my all need for personal blog.

  • Bobby (#)
    December 6th, 2015

    You got to do some adjustments with schema theme. The minimal style of the schema theme just awesome light and helps to speed up the load time.
    BTW i have been using Eleven40 Pro on my blog. This theme is simply awesome and clean as well. What do you say about Eleven40 pro

  • Rishad (#)
    December 9th, 2015

    Hi Bobby,
    Eleven40 pro is an smart theme from studiopress. It’s minimal and responsive design touched my heart.

  • Chandan (#)
    January 28th, 2016

    Thanks for sharing a great list. I like the Nexus theme. You should check NewsMag theme also.

  • Kate Sheren (#)
    February 18th, 2016

    I like SteadyIncome wordpress theme. I will use these themes in my upcoming projects.

  • Rishad (#)
    February 18th, 2016

    Hi Kate,

    Glad to see that you like steadyincome

  • Bradb (#)
    March 10th, 2016

    Amazing post with SEO Optimized WordPress themes.

  • Daisy Lucy (#)
    August 8th, 2016

    Thanks for sharing a collection of SEO Friendly WordPress Themes. It will help you to increase your ranking on google.

    The schema is fastest SEO optimized WordPress themes. The schema has google algorithm friendliness. It is secure, simple and lightweight code.

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