Long Tail Pro Review: Professional Keyword Research Tool

Have you ever think which is best keyword research tool? Here i am giving long tail pro review where it will assist to you catch hottest tool for keyword research.

Which thing can give you faster success in online?

It’s only Keyword research. I would go first with it. Because if you do not have good research on keyword selection then rest of the thing is work less. I mean firstly you have to be expert on keyword research.

long tail pro review

Question Comes How to be expert on keyword research?

There have a only one tool name Long Tail Pro which will make you expert on keyword research only in 30 minutes. You just have have to take a look below on my long tail pro review.

What will You Learn From Long Tail Pro Review

How to Research Keyword Perfectly.

How to select accurate keyword for your blog with watching keyword difficulties.

How many backlink you need to reach on top.

How to use Long Tail Pro effectively.

Long Tail Pro Review: Be a Expert Within 30 Minutes

Here already i mentioned you will be leader in keyword research only in 30 minutes. Not only an expert you will also get fixed traffic for long term. Also you will able to find out profitable keyword for your blog.

Keyword Research: Long tail pro is fastest keyword research tool. Once you put seed keyword you will find up to 800 keyword on per seed keyword. Here you will able to see how many global and local search comes on your given keyword.

You can select search volume to low to high or high to low. So it will be easier for you how many visitor you are going to receive on each month from this keyword.

Analyses Your Competitor: Why you will go for another tool for analyses your competitor. You will able to find top 10 competitor analyses from here. What is your competitor Page Authority, how many links have on this page and link juiced.

Not only that you will also see Domain Authority, Page Rank, Moz Rank and also Site Age.

Pay Per Click Keyword Analysis: Are you earning money from adsense, CPA or any other? Then you have to know how much you can earn from your selecting keyword.

So you will able to find best keyword which has more PPC. Life become more easier if you know how much you will earn from your article.

Keyword Domain Check: Are you planning to make a niche site with your seed keyword? Long Tail Pro show exact match domain with your seed keyword. You will easily able to find which is available or taken.

Rank Checker: Now no need to invest extra money on rank checking. Long tail pro has an awesome built in feature which will monitor your site ranking on top search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

Keyword Competitiveness: Just clicking on keyword competitiveness you will understand how much easy or high competition has this keyword.

keyword competitiveness

If you see it’s from 0-10 then do not wait select this keyword as it has no competition.

10-20 KC mean it has extremely low competition.

20-30 KC is also on low competition.

30-40 KC mean this range has medium competition.

40-50 KC keyword has medium high competition.

50-60 KC mean this keyword has very high competition.

60-70 KC has extremely high competition which is tough to get on top.

70-100 KC it is better to avoid these keyword.

You can learn more about keyword difficulty from here.

Hopefully from here you get a sound knowledge on long tail pro review.

Long tail Pro Review: How to use it

Here i am showing you how easily you can use long tail pro. Give your adword id password on log in panel. Give your seed keyword and click on find keywords.

Here i searched “Dog Food” as seed keyword. I found 800 keyword within a second. Here below i share an screen shot of this seed keyword.

dog food

Here you can see keyword, suggested bid, local search, global search, advertiser competition and average keyword difficulties.

From Global search and local search you will understand how much search have on each keyword per month. You can select search from minimum to maximum amount per month.

dog food kc

On above image i shown you average keyword competitiveness which will help to find out how much easy this keyword for you. Low score mean very easy to bid. Just click on calculate and see KC of your desired keyword.

Now you are able to research keyword alone as an expert. If you have any question for keyword research or long tail pro review please feel free to drop a comment below.

If you want to earn money from your blog then best keyword research is mandatory. One tool can bring thousand of dollar on your blog that is keyword research software. Long tail pro is now the best keyword keyword research tool in the online industry.  Semrush is on 2nd position as a keyword research tool after that.

So you can use this keyword research tool for your online business. If you need to more about how to research keyword with long tail pro, then answer is they have own long tail university where you will see best tutoring how to research a keyword with long tail pro.

Buzzbundle Discount Coupon: Black Friday Offer

Hi Folks, are you looking for buzzbundle discount coupon? You are in right place to get buzzbundle discount  coupon promo code.

Buzzbundle is most powerful social media management software ever i seen. It will assist you to monitor marketing tools.

Buzzbundle Discount Coupon

On this content i give you buzzbundle review and buzzbundle discount coupon. It will help you to check out best review on social media marketing tools and purchase buzzbundle on cheapest price.

Why Buzzbundle?

Buzzbundle is world most popular user friendly social media management software. It will reduce your social media workload. Not only that, you can drive more sale from this product. With searching your desired keyword on buzzbundle you can sell or promote your product directly on social media.

You can grow up your relation to your customer through this software.  You can listen about your brand what is your customer saying.

Buzzbundle Discount Coupon: Get 20% Off

On above buzzbundle review we understand how much powerful is this software. To use this software on cheap price i’m offering discount to you.

You can get buzzbundle discount coupon through this link. It will save your money. As it is best social media management software, so you need to use it.

If you want to earn more money and drive visitor directly this is recommended for you. So no more wait for more earn. Just start earning money through this software.

Buzzbundle Review: The Reason I Choose It

Buzzbundle is an great software where you will have full access to management your social network. It is known as best social media marketing tools.

You can track your mentioning keyword on all social network, forum, Q&A and blog. So it will be easier for us to find content on our mentioning keyword.

Personally i use buzzbundle to drive more traffic on my blog. I sell product directly on social network, forum sites, Q&A and blog. It makes me relax to earn more money on blogging. I am very much happy with buzzbundle software and it is price worthy.

If you want to see more earn and popularity then your competitor then you have no way else to choose except buzzzbundle.

Social Media: In buzzbundle you can add and control all popular social network in a app. You can also save all communication of social media on this app. Very easy to create new account and automatic mail verification. You can also share your post through buzzbundle.

I believe buzzbundle is SMM force sale software. It’s an ultimate software for more sale from social media.

Buzzbundle is currently supporting on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  You can easily create multiple social account on buzzbundle and very easy to manage multiple profile there.

Blog: Now no need to search mentioning keyword on google. You will all related content inside of buzzbundle. You can read and also easily can comment there. If you want to schedule your comment you can do it.

Customer Support: If you see any problem regarding buzzbundle or related with this product just knock them. They will response quickly and solve your problem faster.

Forum Posting and Q&A: Now you can ask and answer your desired keyword in buzzbundle. It’s very to post on forum and answer on q&a site.

Perks Program: Once you purchase buzzbundle you will get unlimited access to exclusive user perks program.  In online you may need to purchase some other popular internet marketing tools.  Buzzbundle offer for their customer to purchase these popular tool with discount. On all product which is enlisted on perks program you will get discount.

Remember: More than 1,00,000 people using buzzbundle all over the world to grow up their online business quicker.

Traning Material: You will get all type of Seo, Smm guide, manual and exclusive video which will assist you to adopt with the product faster.

Money back guarantee: It’s an unnecessary information because no reason to ask money back. But after all if you feel not satisfaction with buzzbundle then claim them for money back. They will give you back money. Buzzbundle give 30 days money back guarantee.

Schedule: You can make schedule on buzzbundle. You can make schedule for tweet, posts, replies, video uploads and comments. It’s an outstanding feature of buzzbundle. Scheduling makes your life easier and smarter.

Different Interface Languages: Buzzbundle is available in different interface languages such as English, Spanish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish.

Hide Your Location: If you want to hide you location for business, personal or some other purpose you can do it. Just integrate buzzbundle with a proxy server. That is all. Now you can easily hide your location and no one will not be able to know your location that where from you are.

Bonus Feature: Buzzbundle has link shortening feature. You can make keyword group on this software. You can also post video, like, dislike and comment on youtube. So what else we need from an social media management software.

Buzzbundle is asister concern on seopowersuite. They give massive discount for their customer. This discount will save your money to purchase best social media mangment software in the market.

Buzzbundle give unbelievable discount on black friday, cyber monday, happy new year, hallowen and many other occasion. So you can ourchase this software on discounted price.

Now it’s an great opportunity for you to use buzzbundle discount coupon. You can use this software on cheapest price.

Great Deal!

300+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites List With High PR

Free social bookmarking sites list with high pr . You can build lots of quality backlink from this . Best dofollow social bookmarking sites list will help you to get search engine visibility.

You will see link juice for your blog from this list of social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are best for who is interested in online business.

what is a social bookmarking site?

Social bookmarking is a place where you can put link with giving some description. You can drive visitor from there. Easily you can achieve quality backlink from this popular free social bookmarking sites list.

How to submit link on social bookmarking sites?

It’s very easy. Go on the site now sign up there. Now click on add a link, submit url or something like this. Before post there remember, content should be on the same category where post should be.

Such as if your site for food then add your link on food category. Other wise it will be spam

Social bookmarking has many advantages. Here below we will describe you benefit of social bookmarking

Advantages of social bookmarking submission sites

There have so many advantage of it. Let’s have a look little benefits of it.

Backlink: One of the good resource for dofollow backlink is social bookmarking. You can get dofollow quality backlink from top dofollow social bookmarking sites.

Search Engine Visibility: As told you before it Increase more search engine visibility.

Increase Traffic: It can help you to increase traffic on your blog.

Pagerank: One of the awesome tactics to increase google pagerank is bookmarking. More backlink  from high page rank social bookmarking sites mean your site will have more power.

Increase Domain Authority: Social Bookmark highly help you to increase domain authority of your blog.

Off Page Seo: Off page seo is very important for a site. Off page seo is one of the part of social bookmarking.

So, it clear to us how important is social bookmarking for a site. To make quality backlink we give you top social bookmarking sites list.

In our list all social bookmarking sites are from page rank 8 to page rank 4, such as reddit, Pinterest, tumblrscoopstumbleupon.  Here below is list of best social bookmarking sites list.

Let’s take a look on this free social bookmarking sites list with high pr. I hope you enjoy these sites to get most powerful backlink for your blog.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List With High PR

# SiteName Page Rank
1 twitter.com 10
2 facebook.com 9
3 pinterest.com 9
4 linkedin.com 9
5 reddit.com 8
6 tumblr.com 8
7 stumbleupon.com 8
8 delicious.com 8
9 citeulike.org 8
10 digg.com 7
11 scoop.it 7
12 google.com/bookmarks 10
13 slashdot.org 7
14 diigo.com 7
15 newsvine.com 7
16 bibsonomy.org 7
17 linkarena.com 7
18 jumptags.com 7
19 kinja.com 6
20 folkd.com 6
21 blinklist.com 6
22 squidoo.com 6
23 mylife.com 6
24 actweb-sport.com 6
25 capefeargatorclub.com 6
26 icio.de 6
27 axiasustentabilidade.com 6
28 seaborneinc.com 6
29 nixlesales.com 6
30 mako.cc 6
31 wpdis.co 6
32 altervista.org 6
33 lockerdome.com 5
34 triberr.com 5
35 iesa.co 5
36 stylehive.com 5
37 fearsteve.com 5
38 thinkjoomla.com 5
39 pinkfluffyunicorns.com 5
40 bizsugar.com 5
41 agabhami.com 5
42 imstalentor.com 5
43 socialtextjournal.com 5
44 pizarropatanegra.com 5
45 maiorprodutividade.com 5
46 propoliismucizesi.com 5
47 cacfp-assessment.com 5
48 bahamasmajestictours.com 5
49 idgovmap.com 5
50 aviprinters.com 5
51 theaxiacore.com 5
52 gameclik.com 5
53 dci.in 5
54 kledy.de 5
55 neo-interactive.hu 5
56 baang.ir 5
57 im.web.tr 5
58 youmob.com 4
59 factson37.com 4
60 linkagogo.com 4
61 registertovotetoday.com 4
62 buddymarks.com 4
63 bookmax.net 4
64 myhq.com 4
65 qqpipi.com 4
66 digitalnatives.co 4
67 bookmark-manager.com 4
68 lilisto.com 4
69 epinex.biz 4
70 symteclab.com 4
71 favoor.com 4
72 baernbach.com 4
73 chenmeddash.com 4
74 freelink.org 4
75 basketreelofts.com 4
76 newhollandcortland.com 4
77 dropjack.com 4
78 clipclip.org 4
79 tapvcanada.com 4
80 llt8.com 4
81 bustanco.com 4
82 mobilemaxnetwork.com 4
83 chamberchoiceawards.com 4
84 km2014.com 4
85 arrowheadpain.com 4
86 barclayscampusrecevent.com 4
87 marketgiving.com 4
88 talksmedia.com 4
89 blogospherenews.com 4
90 webmastershowcase.com.au 4
91 strapmedia.com 4
92 daiwa-hotcom.com 4
93 ic.cz 4
94 fabrykaspamu.pl 4
95 colivia.de 4
96 elearningtags.com 4
97 bplaced.net 4
98 tools.co.il 4
99 tips.co.il 4
100 sayso.co.il 4
101 facts.co.il 4
102 competitionhunter.com 4
103 ticey.com 4
104 blueprintcentral.com 4
105 softsblog.com 4
106 funny.co.uk 4
107 bookmark4you.com 3
108 newsmeback.com 3
109 a2zbookmarks.com 3
110 guter-punkt.info 3
111 desert-dwellers.info 3
112 cocosislandsnews.info 3
113 cabaneduvelan.info 3
114 chaoticcoding.info 3
115 bynu.info 3
116 aperfectimage.info 3
117 cyberplea.com 3
118 bestouyagames.info 3
119 saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info 3
120 skinnybikiniswimwear.info 3
121 theineptowl.info 3
122 emolinks.com 3
123 x-drl.info 3
124 pulsimo.com 3
125 milocalbuilder.com 3
126 conseilscreateur.com 3
127 design.fr 3
128 pbguide.com 3
129 mysitevote.com 3
130 peppernews.eu 3
131 universidades24.com 3
132 strategistnews.com 3
133 ufoandparanormalnews.com 3
134 amulet-buddha.com 3
135 zvon.ro 3
136 woodygolden.com 3
137 kral.im 3
138 explorebim.com 3
139 wolnemedia.net 3
140 vvilag.info 3
141 adanasosyete.net 3
142 marathisuchi.com 3
143 globalleadershipcollege.com 3
144 xopama.com 3
145 vizhole.com 3
146 olusumben.com 3
147 farhangreader.com 3
148 smartpound.com 3
149 hemfikir.org 3
150 webatu.com 3
151 linkmegoszto.com 3
152 posteet.com 3
153 designfloat.com 3
154 ucretsizblog.com 3
155 prli.net 3
156 cezbet.com 3
157 cezbet.net 3
158 mersinsosyete.net 3
159 haberlere.net 3
160 teknolojiler.net 3
161 squidlines.com 3
162 topsiteler.net 3
163 overpower3d.com 3
164 straight2you.net 3
165 mktfan.com 3
166 bestminecraftskins.com 3
167 amigosdanatureza.net 3
168 dumbemployed.com 3
169 portugal-linha.net 3
170 ucuk.net 3
171 homopedia.pl 3
172 membre.de 3
173 grjm.net 3
174 netmama.ro 3
175 blogosvit.com 3
176 clearingthepath.ca 3
177 nomag.ca 3
178 eatbistro.ca 3
179 yogaforthepeople.ca 3
180 footyna.com 3
181 markaboo.com 2
182 startaid.com 2
183 openfaves.com 2
184 sociopost.com 2
185 postolia.com 2
186 addthismark.com 2
187 coloradospringsroofing.info 2
188 spapads.info 2
189 transd.info 2
190 braniewo.net 2
191 bookmark-favoriten.de 2
192 sphinn.jp 2
193 bowriverflow.ca 2
194 mytoplist.gen.tr 2
195 tenlink.pl 2
196 jabjaab.com 2
197 4le.net 2
198 ebiznewswire.com 2
199 ouct.org 2
200 newsfrog.nl 2
201 affiliated-business.com 2
202 zibatar.in 2
203 myfavs.eu 2
204 easiestbookmarks.com 2
205 free-games-to-play-online.net 2
206 inetconnector.com 2
207 annuaire-telesecretariat.com 2
208 avtogorod.com.ua 2
209 vgn24.com 2
210 espacejeux.fr 2
211 nazuka.net 2
212 bookmarking4world.com 2
213 tamtamina.com 2
214 yasamblog.com 2
215 yasamblog.net 2
216 scriptleri.net 2
217 kadinozel.org 2
218 prli.org 2
219 hepguncel.net 2
220 voetbalresultaten.nl 2
221 linkfal.com 2
222 technogies.info 2
223 whirrd.com 2
224 postim.org 2
225 klicknews.com 2
226 mzf.cz 2
227 info-ticker.de 2
228 qirmiz.com 2
229 technogies.net 2
230 akonter.com 2
231 indofeed.com 2
232 noldu.net 2
233 blogowe.pl 2
234 1-resources.com 2
235 billygood.com 2
236 pourlamourdedieu.ca 2
237 coldestcanadian.ca 2
238 voterite.ca 2
239 foolfestival.ca 2
240 hardplaces.ca 2
241 sig.vn 2
242 ijeed.com 2
243 funnysayings.us 2
244 limbiq.com 2
245 seo-portail.com 2
246 easymash.com 1
247 urselections.com 1
248 votetags.info 1
249 pipinews.com 1
250 windowly.com 1
251 swapmylink.com 1
252 coolpot.com 1
253 bookmarkingbase.com 1
254 popzu.com 1
255 ukaiids.info 1
256 voteurl.com 1
257 bookmarkfeed.com 1
258 gvbookmarks.com 1
259 dealshouter.com 1
260 bravsbookmarks.com 1
261 gotagged.com 1
262 mutu.org 1
263 mattersocial.com 1
264 money-central.net 1
265 mychinab2b.com 1
266 shinymarker.com 1
267 best-bookmarks.com 1
268 bishtarin.ir 1
269 zakladon.ru 1
270 puawebsites.com 1
271 cabmusic.ca 1
272 pagesocial.com 1
273 yaitu.net 1
274 goldenmidas.net 1
275 cenq.com 1
276 yoomark.com 1
277 besttopromote.com 1
278 bookmark.in.th 1
279 hazarkor.co.il 1
280 babythoughts.ca 1
281 feedburner.it 1
282 mybookmarking.us 1
283 sfcsf.org 1
284 szkolenia-komunikacja.pl 1
285 localnews24by7.com 1
286 backlinkstate.com 1
287 yagrysha.com 1
288 mostfashionable.com 1
289 zrqa.com 1
290 socialbookmarkden.com 1
291 socialnewsitaliano.com 1
292 pametka.ru 1
293 clickets.de 1
294 business-in-site.com 1
295 cnoops.de 1
296 wykopcene.pl 1
297 boxhost.me 1
298 internetexpert.biz 1
299 bookmarkingcentral.com 1
300 bankowosc-elektroniczna.info 1
301 businessmd.net 1
302 stickser.com 1
303 pligg.in 1
304 adfty.net 1
305 addthis.us 1

I hope this will be good enough for you to make unlimited backlink. Cou can check your backlinks

Most exclusive social bookmarking sites has given here. This social bookmakring sites will help you to make strong domain authority of your site. You have chance to get dofollow backlink from here.

Social Bookmarking is an brilliant way to get quality backlink. It will help you increase more power of your blog. You can get top position in search engine with the power of social bookmark.

We bookmarked couple of them for our blog and we get benefit from it. You can do bookmark and hopefully will get better advantages.

If you like this content or want to add something, please feel free to drop a comment below. We always appreciate our visitor feedback.

SEO Powersuite Discount Coupon: Black Friday Offer

Seo powersuite is most powerful seo software. Here i am going to share seo powersuite discount with you. With using this seo powersuite coupon you will able to save big amount of money.

If you want rank on top of search engine or want to analysis your competitor backlink then Seo Powersuite is compulsory for you.

seo powersuite discount

If any one ask you which seo software is best and most powerful? Answer is one and only Seo Powersuite. Maximum top blog and seo expert use and recommend seo powersuite.

So it is proven how much beneficial is this software. So why not this for you. Get This powerful seo software on discount price from here. Buy now seo powersuite discount

SEO Powersuite Feature

Seo powersuite has 4 strong and popular tools. Tools are Website auditor, Rank tracker, Seo spyglass and Link assistant. Seo powersuite compatible with windows, linux and mac.

This software makes you easier seo fro you. You will get all backlink of your competitor and keyword from this.

Website Auditor: Website auditor will give you full report of an site. You will able to know domain age, IP, page rank, alexa rank, and social media popularity.

If you have any broken links, copyright title or error meta description you will able to all in here. Website auditor will also shown to you robot.txt and sitemap.xml file. It will give you helpful audit of your or competitor blog.

Rank Tracker: Rank tracker help you to track ranking of your competitor. How are they moving. You can rank your blog on more than 300 search engine. What a great feature!

You will able to see ranking of your content on all search engine. Another great feature of rank tracker is keyword difficulty. So normally you will able to select best keyword for your blog.

Seo SpyGlass: Perfect link bulding is little tough if you do not know where to build your link. Seo SpyGlass give you all backlink of your competitor. Once you have all data how they rank on top with these backlink then you can do it also.

Seo spyglass make me happy! Thanks to this awesome tool. It save huge time of mine. You will able to see referral links of your competitor traffic. Root domain backlink also backlink from directory, blog or forum.

One feature i love most is link penalty risk. You will able to see which link is dangerous for you. If it is red then remove link from there right now. If it is green then you are safe.

LinkAssistant: LinkAssistant will assist to find new link opportunity. It has e-mail correspondence feature. Which will help you to do link exchange offer through mail.

You can check status of your backlink through link assistant.  You can easily find out where you linked, link added date, anchor link or nude link.  You can also find out link is dofollow or nofollow.

From this tool you can find out different backlink source and how to put link there.

You will able to catch your link building progress report. One of the best tool for link exchange is LinkAssistant.

SEO Powersuite Discount coupon: Get it on a cheap price

On above i share with you seo powersuite review. Now i would like to give you seo powersuite coupon. Follow this link and get it on discounted price. As it is seo powersuite discount for limited time so buy it before expire.

SEO Powersuite Professional cost is US$499 and get it on only US$299 through this link.
SEO Powersuite Enterprise cost is US$1199 and get it on only US$699 from this link.

That’s an great offer from Seo Powersuite. So buy this hottest seo software on discounted price.  Get seo powersuite discount from here.

Seo powersuite is first seo tool in the online industry. Most of the popular people use this software and recommend it. You can use it for to check competitor how are the get rank and what is your position. It will make your life easier on backlink strategy.

Seo powersuite give massive discount on black friday and cyber monday. Their offer begin from early of november.

Hostgator Coupon Code 30% Discount: Black Firday Deal

Are you planning to buy hosting from hostgator. Then i am here to give you hostgator coupon code to save your money. You come here on right place to get hostgator discount. You will get upto 30% instant discount from here.

hostgator coupon code

Hostgator is one of the best hosting provider company since 2002. Hostgator satisfactory service makes it reliable to customer. They are giving their best performance from the beginning. Hostgator has more than million customer for their incredible service.

More Info: Install WordPress on Hostgator

Hostgator Review: Reason Makes It Best

Server: Hostgator has powerful server which will assure you 99.9% uptime. No one can find out your server as down. Hostgator use Most strongest server. Hostgator dedicated server is the best solution for big traffic sites.

Security: Hostgator provide highest security for your blog. They are fully protected from any types of server attack. Hostgator also alert from ddos attack.

Customer Support: Unbelievable customer support always they give. You can take live support or phone support. They will give you instant solution. You need not to think about customer support.

E-mail: Hostgator give you very smart e-mail dashboard. It will be easier for you to check and replay your mail.

What else not have in hostgator They have all feature which you need. In fact, they have more feature than customer want.

How to use Hostgator Coupon Code

Now i would like to share with you how easily you can use hostgator coupon code. With using this coupon code you will get massive discount.

Every cent of money is worthy. So why you pay them more money as i am giving hostgator coupon code.

Firstly go on Hostgator official site from here. Now choose your package which is perfect for you. Click on your package. Fill up billing information. Now you can see below of billing information you will see “Enter a Coupon Code”, Now put this coupon code on here.

Now check what was previous price and how much discount you are getting.

This is massive discount with using this hostgator coupon code. Now purchase your desire package with this discounted price. Unbelievable discount you can catch from here. So use this hostgator coupon code before it expire.

Hostgator frequently give disount on their product. They give special discount on occasion such as black friday, cyber monday, new year and many more. We always provide the highest discount on this product. Hopefully this discounted price will be beneficial for you.

Enjoy the hostgator discount.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Very Easily

Today i am going to show you how to install wordpress on hostgator. It’s very easy to set up and fun on inside. WordPress is best as platform and hostgator as hosting provider.

How To Install WordPress On Hostgator

Now trend platform for building website is wordpress. WordPress is very famous for it’s easy customization, cms and security. Hostgator is most reliable, safe and high quality hosting provider. With using both of them for a blog site will be more smarter.

To make your site smart you need to use them.

If you want to use it,  i will show you how to install wordpress on hostgator.

What to do before Install WordPress On Hostgator?

Good Question.  You have to choose best plan for your blog.  They offer three (03) type of package.

Hatchling Plan: It’s very basic plan. You can keep only one domain on this hosting package. You will get good amount of bandwidth from this package.

Another thing you will get with Hatchling Plan is shared ssl certificate. If you have only one site or domain then this plan is best for you.

Baby Plan: The most popular package in hostgator is baby. Maximum user of them choose baby plan.

On this package you will able to put unlimited domain or site.

Basically who is doing business in online they need to purchase domain regularly. Sometime for event blogging, some time for domain ranking i.e: domain name with the keyword and many other reason.

As online marketer have several domain so they love this package. One hosting for unlimited domain. That’s an awesome offer. I love this package.

Business Plan: Hopefully you understand from the name of package who need this. If you are businessman they this is for you.

What else have than other on this package?

You will get private ssl which mean your server is fully protected. In business private ssl is much needed.

Oh! i forgot… Dedicated IP which you will get only on this package. Another is free toll free number.

Isn’t it enough?

On each package you will get a free domain. Don’t miss that chance.

Money back need?

Probably no one ask for refund because their hosting is high class. So why will shift.

But after all…

After all if you are not happy with them ask for refund within 45 days. They will give you no question money back guarantee.

Let’s Start Journey with Hostgator

Now i am going to show you step by step guide on how to install wordpress on hostgator.

Firstly what you have to do is go to official homepage of hostgator from here.

Now click on “get started now!

This link will arrive you on their package page. I already brief above 3 package about them.

Choose best one for you. I prefer Baby Plan will be best for you. Select your plan.

Click on sign up now!

If you have domain enter your domain name. If you do not have domain then register with your domain name.

hostgator domain name


On this page you will also see “Choose a Hosting Plan“. Fill it up with user name and a pin code . (This pin code will help you for customer support )

enter billing-info choosing hosting plan


Now Simply enter your billing info. Here below i am also i give you an instructional image for example. You can pay from your paypal or mastercard.

enter billing info


How To Install WordPress On Hostgator

Now i am going to bring you inside of how to install wordpress in hostgator.

The faster way to install wordpress is QuickInstall from your hosting account. With clicking on QuickInstall you setup wordpress on your blog in few minutes.

Quick Install On Hostgator

On QuickInstall page, see WordPress on left bottom and click on it. Now click on continue to install wordpress on your blog.

Now you will see install page of wordpress. Give url of your website, mail address and user name. Give click on install and you will see an congratulation message from hostgator.

Install WordPress on Hostgator


You may get mail on your mail address where log in info is containing.

With this message you will also see log in area, user name and password. Hopefully you understand how to install wordpress on hostgator.

Installing wordpress on hostgator is very easy with this instruction.

After installing wordpress and hosting on your blog you can choose theme for your blog from here. Here i am giving you minimal and smart wordpress theme.

If you need free theme with beautiful design, layout and responsive then here i am giving you this opportunity.

Hopefully these theme will help you to choose best theme for your blog. If this tips for how to install wordpress on hostgator is helpful for you then our effort reach the destiny of happiness.

Now use Hostgator with best CMS provider.

Our aim is to bring easier solution for our visitor.

Enjoy your wordpress site with hostgator.

Ping sites List: Index Your Content Quicker

Ping sites help you to index faster of your blog content. Now ping are very useful for increase traffic and search engine visibility. Ping sites notify to search engine when your website updated any content. Ping is very popular to any blog. They love to notify them when their doing any update. It’s very easy to do it for anyone.

Ping sites List Index Faster Your Blog Content

What is Ping?

Ping is an medium to make your article index faster. Ping server assist to notify your update on many directory. When you pingged your article it notify your updated on below directory.

  • Search Engine.
  • News Websites.
  • Website Directories.
  • Feed Websites.

In October 2001 Mr. Dave Winer inform us with ping. After introduce with ping we are taking benefits of it. Here is below we give you detail advantages of doing ping.

Benefits of Ping

  • Make more crawl of your site.
  • Notify your update on many site.
  • Increase traffic on your blog incredibly.
  • Index your article in most top search engine.
  • Increase backlink amazingly with least effort.

How To Ping Your Site

It is very easy to do ping for any any site. Just go on your desired ping sites. Type title of your article. Give your desired url. If they require your name or mail address provide them. Now press ok. Your ping is done. Ping sites will notify your update on search engine. how easy it is. To do ping for your site we are giving you top ping sites list. Here is below list of best ping sites.

Read Also:

Best Ping Sites List


Ping Sites
# Page URL Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 http://www.twingly.com Page rank 7 32112
2 http://pingomatic.com Page rank 6 4047
3 https://www.site24x7.com Page rank 6 13571
4 http://mypagerank.net Page rank 6 18284
5 http://icerocket.com Page rank 6 24067
6 http://ping.eu/ Page rank 5 15924
7 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com Page rank 5 30093
8 http://smallseotools.com Page rank 4 1276
9 http://www.pingmyurl.com Page rank 4 9803
10 https://pingler.com Page rank 4 12181
11 http://totalping.com Page rank 4 16014
12 http://ping.in Page rank 4 29746
13 http://googleping.com Page rank 3 4791
14 http://www.pingfarm.com Page rank 3 13479
15 http://pingmylink.com Page rank 3 29537
16 http://bulkping.com Page rank 3 59786
17 http://www.masspinger.com Page rank 2 44229
18 http://pingsitemap.com Page rank 2 49017
19 http://blogbuzzer.com Page rank 2 76378


Be Cautious!

Ping service is for notify your update on search engine. If you do it frequently it will count as spam. So be aware from doing continuous pinging without any reason. Always use this site for doing white hat seo, otherwise google penalty waiting for you.

I believe this ping sites list will help to knock your content on search engine to catch earlier. As said before adivce you for the last time do not use it for wrong way, if do harder punishment from search engine you will see.


250+ High Page Rank article submission sites List 2016

High Page Rank article submission sites help you to build quality backlinks for your blog. You Can really improve your seo with this free instant approval high page rank article submission sites , and also you can get massive amount of traffic from it.

what are article submission sites

in article directory you can submit your article to the audience who is really interested on this topic.

high page rank article submission sites


seo article submission sites

free  Article submission sites fully help you to hit first position on google. You can make tier link building from these sites.This all are instant approval article sites. As we know quality content and backlink get more value to search engine. So you will get extra care from search engine.


best article submission sites for seo provide top quality article submit to different directories. Submitting dofollow articles to high page rank article submission sites Article Submission Sites List can improve your page rank.

High Page Rank article submission sites also can help you to increase visitor on your site. After submit your link to online High Page Rank article submission sites list, you also get a backlink for your website.

Top 50 high page rank article submission sites

# Page URL Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 wordpress.org 9 232
2 businessweek.com 8 44119
3 livejournal.com 8 200
4 alexa.com 7 1833
5 docstoc.com 7 22459
6 securityfocus.com 7 90744
7 informer.com 7 878
8 ezinearticles.com 6 2802
9 digitalpoint.com 6 5558
10 scriptlance.com 6 865443
11 streetdirectory.com 6 9409
12 simonandschuster.ca 6 494452
13 imesh.com 6 81940
14 freelancer.com 6 1500
15 isu.edu.tw 6 80350
16 cbn.co.za 5 700612
17 a1-optimization.com 5 2774775
18 vbxml.net 5 N/A
19 buzzle.com 5 10465
20 in.com 5 1831
21 flippa.com 5 4079
22 tradepub.com 5 12959
23 myip.cn 5 138285
24 seclists.org 5 116354
25 a1articles.com 4 86592
26 accessibleinsights.com 4 N/A
27 adoptionarticlesdirectory.com 4 3013504
28 answer-project.org 4 N/A
29 articlecastle.com 4 5175652
30 articlecube.com 4 32196
31 medbanner.com 4 3850746
32 articlewealth.com 4 4657198
33 bizymoms.com 4 1063061
34 blackhatworld.com 4 1480
35 bukisa.com 4 144305
36 energyefficienthomearticles.com 4 7151090
37 freewarepark.com 4 2457342
38 gp.gy 4 N/A
39 keywordarticles.org 4 2203801
40 organicgardenarticles.com 4 N/A
41 securityreason.com 4 N/A
42 site-reference.com 4 891028
43 solarpanelarticles.com 4 3841655
44 spells4free.com 4 6704828
45 the-landscape-design-site.com 4 1125542
46 v7n.com 4 18301
47 viennacitytours.com 4 4192476
48 warriorforum.com 4 1788
49 forumup.it 4 83779
50 atanas.fr 4 19275656
51 blogtext.org 4 1299033
52 blurty.com 4 516197
53 businessetiquettearticles.com 4 N/A
54 auctionezone.com 3 11951271
55 izkustvoto.com 3 N/A
56 skobee.com 3 N/A
57 virtualwordpublishing.com 3 17809171
58 abcarticledirectory.com 3 88308
59 add-articles.com 3 570222
60 adoptiondoctors.com 3 10869876
61 afroarticles.com 3 204732
62 approvedarticles.com 3 1187789
63 articledestination.com 3 590368
64 articlegarden.com 3 737298
65 articlelayer.com 3 N/A
66 articlemarketing.org 3 N/A
67 articlemarketingrobot.com 3 586232
68 articlerich.com 3 277195
69 directorygold.com 3 414681
70 articletrader.com 3 293388
71 article-voip.com 3 3230083
72 bestglobalwarmingarticles.com 3 12683449
73 bharatbhasha.com 3 134517
74 floweradvisor.com.sg 3 545707
75 gathersuccess.com 3 1501738
76 jauhari.net 3 396639
77 leadershiparticles.net 3 18812642
78 maitake.com 3 N/A
79 meditationsforwomen.com 3 1277514
80 motorcycle-articles.com 3 N/A
81 mushozoku.com 3 N/A
82 neuro-vision.us 3 983572
83 noizetrukt.com 3 N/A
84 patantconsult.com 3 698330
85 pesak.eu 3 11018192
86 positivearticles.com 3 464646
87 retirementlivingarticledirectory.com 3 1042016
88 richmondpetlovers.com 3 10953059
89 sleepdisorderarticles.com 3 N/A
90 sportspracticedrills.com 3 7490279
91 toptrafficwholesaler.com 3 936327
92 travelarticlelibrary.com 3 20474226
93 8minutedating.com 3 1807549
94 glenns-garden.com 3 4101537
95 entrepreneursoncall.com 3 N/A
96 foryourinformation.info 3 19726439
97 geekinterview.com 3 30272
98 aarrerunot.com 2 N/A
99 actuafreearticles.com 2 33139
100 allgoodarticles.com 2 6342845
101 article-content-king.com 2 N/A
102 articlefire.com 2 4822479
103 articlepromotions.com 2 N/A
104 adswork.com 2 2046122
105 cashway.com 2 2330568
106 contenu-gratuit.com 2 668793
107 credit-crunch-offers.com 2 16605591
108 cybershimla.com 2 1574204
109 digitalmoneymakingnews.com 2 N/A
110 findanyoneinstantly.com 2 N/A
111 infomake.org 2 N/A
112 jma7.com 2 N/A
113 newarticle.com 2 N/A
114 sanitarac.com 2 N/A
115 selfhelparticlebase.com 2 N/A
116 sorach.com 2 332413
117 ultimatearticledirectory.com 2 320319
118 viralarticle.com 2 N/A
119 101freeguitartips.com 2 4326627
120 109b.com 2 9123717
121 americantaxidermyonline.com 2 15237793
122 animalpetsandfriends.com 2 2027781
123 arabian-affiliate.com 2 2459685
124 directory4u.org 2 844395
125 article-buzz.com 2 547867
126 articlecafe.net 2 7281380
127 articlecell.com 2 432050
128 articlecompilation.com 2 360175
129 articlecontentprovider.com 2 2706758
130 articledesk.info 2 N/A
131 articlefinders.com 2 1086268
132 articlejoe.com 2 1085519
133 articlekarma.com 2 568503
134 articlenorth.com 2 1097843
135 atwshop.com 2 N/A
136 drbonomi.com 2 3154140
137 narrowisthepath.com 2 N/A
138 rssorange.com 2 1100684
139 thecassiopeia.com 2 1487658
140 articles4sites.com 2 13198129
141 articles-book.com 2 6138315
142 aword2thewise.com 2 5442559
143 christian-topics.info 2 N/A
144 crystallaketalons.com 2 N/A
145 cursillo-canada.org 2 N/A
146 depositarticles.com 2 1567864
147 dollarchurn.com 2 N/A
148 ezinearticles.mk 2 7713685
149 ezine-articles-planet.com 2 2667789
150 free-article-info.com 2 3047467
151 golfarticles.net 2 N/A
152 greatarticlesformoms.com 2 5161956
153 homeschooling-r-us.com 2 N/A
154 imarry.org 2 4050345
155 jdapublishing.com 2 8198103
156 kontrapelo.com 2 N/A
157 mastersmba.com 2 N/A
158 newagearticles.com 2 1325241
159 rightarticle.com 2 N/A
160 samplerzone.com 2 5437888
161 sefisuccess.com 2 13324912
162 seoserviceprovider.com 2 7506876
163 sweetprovidencefarm.com 2 N/A
164 thearticleinsiders.com 2 N/A
165 thewahmshack.com 2 N/A
166 tips.com.my 2 1586883
167 ukbettingcentral.com 2 16832784
168 urarticles.com 2 1798008
169 wahm-articles.com 2 1342036
170 wellnessarticlelibrary.com 2 9467085
171 24hourwealth.com 2 6488965
172 7books.com 2 N/A
173 aboutsite.org 2 13209766
174 articledirectoryy.com 2 11680767
175 articlefriendly.biz 2 N/A
176 articlefriendly.com 2 10759803
177 articleintelligence.com 2 1593627
178 fitlyspoken.org 2 21348489
179 articlesbox.com 2 N/A
180 bonjourgames.com 2 N/A
181 echievements.com 2 N/A
182 ericsoo.com 2 758722
183 f1f7.net 2 1347499
184 fishingclicks.com 2 N/A
185 freelancer-job.com 2 2336379
186 g35.ca 2 N/A
187 affiliatesubject.com 1 N/A
188 articlecounty.com 1 1198416
189 article-hut.com 1 1261951
190 timmaxey.com 1 19144513
191 articlesathiphil.net 1 N/A
192 articleselected.com 1 N/A
193 auctionsubject.com 1 N/A
194 canuckclicks.com 1 3104886
195 abc-surf.com 1 20451814
196 freecontentarticles.net 1 2288322
197 homesubject.com 1 15238935
198 marketingsubject.com 1 N/A
199 matthost.com 1 N/A
200 mondayarticles.com 1 N/A
201 newarticles.us 1 881641
202 rapnewswire.com 1 8902051
203 richardhackworth.com 1 11887059
204 supralist.com 1 14615794
205 thoughtwealth.com 1 11889536
206 addondashboard.com 1 813124
207 addsarticles.com 1 N/A
208 adinstall.com 1 N/A
209 allsmartarticles.com 1 N/A
210 alternativeenergybase.com 1 3992740
211 articlebanker.com 1 4913683
212 articleblotter.com 1 3462758
213 articlebrain.com 1 N/A
214 articlegnosis.com 1 2117539
215 articlegoldmine.com 1 13100945
216 articlehearty.com 1 1755979
217 articlemanual.com 1 7000105
218 articlemetropolis.com 1 N/A
219 articlepantry.com 1 4673167
220 itpimp.co.za 1 985649
221 articles2use.com 1 11858426
222 articles3.com 1 N/A
223 articlewagon.com 1 7253667
224 articlewisdom.com 1 2604228
225 coachingarticles.net 1 N/A
226 content-corral.com 1 4575200
227 dhana.biz 1 N/A
228 dietarticles.info 1 12684434
229 uniquearticles.info 1 3797293
230 diyarticlelibrary.com 1 4581599
231 door.net.nz 1 N/A
232 easyarticlesubmit.com 1 2922140
233 excitingdestiny.com 1 N/A
234 ezinearticlesubmission.net 1 N/A
235 farandwidetravel.com 1 N/A
236 free-wedding-articles.net 1 10611692
237 gamblingstrategyguide.com 1 N/A
238 lefthandworld.com 1 4958467
239 moneyarticlelibrary.com 1 12044556
240 mycontentbuilder.com 1 311722
241 my-garden-hose.com 1 N/A
242 natural-health-directory.com 1 12869850
243 neoarticle.com 1 2681605
244 paragonpets.com 1 N/A
245 parentingarticlelibrary.com 1 10842491
246 physicalfitnessarticles.net 1 5170805
247 promomeubles.fr 1 N/A
248 realestateinvestmentarticles.net 1 8111399
249 reprint-content.com 1 8222848
250 resourceschool.com 1 N/A
251 snaparticle.com 1 N/A
252 thecontentcorner.com 1 2103337
253 thehealthmanual.com 1 4610771
254 travelarticles.org 1 18556834
255 tshirtentrepreneur.com 1 N/A
256 wardsswimschool.co.uk 1 N/A
257 webcitymarketing.com 1 3664936
258 website-articles.net 1 N/A
259 wellnessarticles.net 1 N/A
260 worthyarticles.com 1 2229862
261 writerspenarticledirectory.com 1 481917
262 yourarticle.info 1 2947985
263 youridahorealestate.com 1 N/A
264 actionarticles.com 1 N/A
265 akerpub.com 1 N/A
266 archivedarticles.com 1 11700835
267 articlecache.com 1 879544
268 articlecanon.com 1 N/A
269 articlefriendly.co.uk 1 10701708
270 articlefriendly.net 1 8692049

high page rank article submission sites help you to get quality backlink for you. You can drive visitor from article submission sites also. It will help you to get better ranking on search engine. You can submit your article  from these list. Before post your article check your article is unique and attractive or not. If this article help you, then please drop a comment below. We always appreciate our visitor valuable feedback.

With due respect to all our valuable audience, there might have some sites which may not work due to their maintenance. We are extremly sorry if there any link of article submission sites does not work. Thank you for your valuable time to read this content.

35+ Best Minimalist WordPress Themes Ever!

Minimalist wordpress themes give more user experience. Minimalistic wordpress themes designed with simple and smart layout. It makes your customer more friendly with your site. WordPress minimalist themes mostly used on blog, magazine, newspaper, portfolio and smart sites.

Minimalist wordpress themes are built in with responsive, seo friendly and ad optimized. These themes has least code error. Customer loves minimalist wordpress Themes for it’s simple design.

Design of a website is very important because how much smart and professional you are easy to understand from that. If you look for professional, clean and smart design wordpress theme for your site then you must select it from minimalist wordpress themes.

Minimal themes focus more on clean design which will give you quicker loading . As theme design is clean and it will help you to highlight more on content to your audience.

Another advantage will get with using minimal theme is better ranking from search engine as theme is faster.

If you just look on top enterprenur in online they look only look smart, professional and minimal themes for their blog. They use  simple design which is more focusing on thier content.

Here you can check smart passive income, john chow, search engine journal how minimal is their design. They are earning more than hundred thousand dollar on each month from their blog.

Always remember that simple design give best user experience. On this content we have some gift for you which is free minimalist wordpress themes.

Today i am going to give you top minimalist wordpress themes. It will assist you to choose best minimal wordpress themes for your site. Here below i am giving popular minimalist wordpress themes.

Best Minimalist WordPress Themes


Blogology: Blogology is one of the most clean, minimal and responsive wordpress theme. It is developed with keep it mind to keep the theme simple, smart and faster.

Blogology has default live customizer which will help you to see what you are changing on your site. No need to down your site. More than 650 google font included on this theme so you can choose which font is perfect for your blog.

If you want you can enable or disable any element of your blog. Blogology has default typography options which will help you to make your content smarter. You can also show your related post with category or tag.

They have an awesome author box where author can even show his social profile. So author social profile will be popular with his blog. They have also highly professional look custom widget such as: social media widget,  popular post widget, recent post widget adn many more.

Blogology is also support on contact form 7. It has built in pagination option, thousands of color option and woocommerce ready.  This theme is fully seo optimized and adsense ready. Blogology has awesome footer widget where you can fully utilise your footer area properly. It also has sidebar layout, sticky navigation and scroll to top

Blogology support on any browser and of the most beautiful minimal wordpress theme is this one. You can try out this one for your blog.


Elicit Pro:Elicit Pro is premium version of elicit which is an wordpress approved theme which is downloaded more than 15,000. Elicit pro is one of the simplistic wordpress theme ever we seen. This theme has live customizer option which is really help you what is really changing on your site. Elicit pro is also fully seo optimized
and faster loading wordpress theme.

Elcit Pro is support on all major plugin and compatible with any browser. Elicit pro will also give you five professional look five widget area.  If you have any plan to open a online store with your blog you can do it with elicit pro as it is compatible with woocommerce.

Elicit Pro has outstanding responsive design which is support on any deveice and any size. It has unlimited typography option it mean you have the full control style, size and color of your font.

More than 650 google font have built in on blogology. You will also get a very smart author bio widget, you can easily use this widget and customize how you want “never need to purchase any author bio widget”. To share your post on social media it has an elegant social media widget.

What else you want from a minimal wordpress theme? Elicit Pro is an complete minimalist wordpress theme which is used and recommended by many top developer and blogger.


Avada: Avada is number one(1) selling theme is themeforest. The most popular premium minimalist wordpress theme is this one. More than two hundred thousand times avada using by different author. You can do anything with avada. You have 00% freedom to make any design and be clear that no coding knowledge is required for this.

You will get most advance system option in a wordpress theme. You can create unique pages through drag and drop fusion builder. This fusion builder is free with avada theme.

It has shortcode generator, mega menu, fusion slider many more option. If you look for customer support they can solve any of your question or query within 15 to 20 minutes. Avada integrate with bbpress, built in translator and awesome font. Avada also has built in seo feature and advanced portfolio and typography options.

Avada is one of the faster wordpress theme which will help you to get highest ranking on google. Avada built with html5  and css3. Avada has no coding error and compatible with any browser.

More than 14000 5 star rating have on avada. So you can understand that how much popular is this theme. So be a user of most popular premium wordpress theme.

X The Theme

X | The Theme: X is one of the most finest minimal wordpress theme. X has live customizer option which will help you to show the preview of your changing design. So you can easily change your design or content and no need to down your site while you are changing.

It does not matter on x theme that your visitor is coming from which device. X theme is fully responsive and fit on any device and sizes.

X theme has built in page builder and shortcode generator which will help you to create a page in a moment. More than 600 google fonts has already included in this theme and it’s stunning typography options will make you more comfortable.

If you want to display lots of content on your menu then x theme is perfect one for you. X theme has built in mega menu which will help you to create exclusive menu for your blog.

X theme is give you opportunity to create unlimited slider and animation. X theme is also support on bbpress and buddypress. If you want psd file of this x theme to make a beautiful design for your site then you can get it.

X theme has built in translator and support right to left language writing options. Dozens of demo they made for
you. So you can find out from here how your site will be with using x theme.


 Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme: Enfold is one of the most user friendly minimalist wordpress theme. Enfold has minimal styling option which will make your site more friendly to your reader. Minimal looks of enfold make your visitor more comfortable on your site.

You can use enfold theme any type you want. Enfold theme is perfectly fit with responsive design and it looks beautiful on any device with any size.

A good side of a enfold team is there support you may get almost instant solution through their forum. You can setup your theme in one click demo install. Enfold has amazing drag and drop builder which will reduce their customer workload.

Enfold also give you very strong admin area and which is very easy to use and control. They have already provided all type of tutorial step by step with video and documention.

Enfold has buit in translator which mean you can write content in any language. If you want to establish a online shop then select enfold as your woocommerce theme. It also has 2d and 3d slideshow. You will also get unlimited and unique sidebar and color on this theme.

This theme is also RTL supported. Advanced header and typography option will make your content more unique to your visitor.


BeTheme: Betheme is an stylish minimal multipurpose wordpresss theme. From this theme you can make any type of site. You can use this theme on unlimited site. Betheme is fully responsive and has retina ready feature.

Betheme gives you fully customization power, so you can customize the theme how you want.  To build a page very easily betheme gives you shortcode generator. It will rapidly reduce your workload to develop a page.

Betheme has built in mega menu feature, with this you can set your menu as column and row, you can also show your menu with icon and images. If you want to make one page site then this is possible also on betheme.

Unlimited color option have on this theme to choose best one for you. It has also advanced typography option which will assist you to font size, style, weight, custom of a font and many more.

Betheme gives you opportunity to create up to 6 column which make your site more friendly and this feature is very rear than other. Betheme also has built in tranlator and RTL suport.

It is compatible on any browser and fully optimzied for speed and seo. Betheme is compatible with woocommerce, bbpress, contact form 7 and many other. You will get lifetime free update once you purchase.


Newspaper: Newspaper is one of the creative minimal magazine and newspaper wordpress theme. More than 25000 customer using this premium theme. Minimal and superior design of this theme make this theme more smarter. It is the best rated newspaper wordpress theme so far.

There expert customer team always ready to support you 10 hour each and 5 day in a week. Newspaper has modern design and professional demos which really help you to choose how your site would be.

Newspaper has a great feature for customization and is no coding knowledge req. for customize. As all other popular theme newspaper is fully responsive theme and fit on many device with any size you want to see.

Newspaper is fully optimized placement of ad on your site. Newspaper will show from where you can earn more money through ad than other place. Newspaper is very simple and smart theme you can check it out from there black and white version demo.

Another good side of using this theme is you will some premium widget as free such as weather widget, exchange widget, instagram widget, social counter widget,ad box widget and many more. It’s awesome footer style and sidebar will make your site more beautiful.

Newspaper is ready to give also an drag and drop premium page builder plugin. It is also woocommerce compatible and very faster theme. You can use this theme for your news or magazine site.


 Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme: Salient is one of the most beautiful responsive minimal multipurpose wordpress theme. Salient clean design and creative look
made this theme more gorgeous.

Salient theme is also known as most top selling creative wordpress theme ever. You need not to be worry for which visitor are coming from mobile device, salient is fully responsive on any device and fully fit on any size. You can customize salinet how you want. So you can changes the design of this theme with your own idea.

More than 1000 icons and svg animation are included on this theme. Unlimited color option and more than 600 google font have on this theme. Salinet visual composer will make your page more beautiful, tons of feature have on this visual composer.

If you need to learn how to develop salinet then just watch their video tutorial where they provide step by step guideline to use this theme rightly.

Salinet has tranlator ready feature and compatible with woocommerce. This is fully develpoed with html5 and css3 code, so you will able to much better seo ranking on your site.

Highly advanced typography option will make your content more stylish. Built in shortcode generator also have on this theme which will reduce your workload a lot. And much more feature have on this salinet minimalist wordpress theme. So you can take a look on this creative theme.


uDesign – Responsive WordPress Theme: uDesign is one of the most powerful minimalist user friendly wordpress theme. This theme can use by who doesn’t have any coding
knowledge and developer also.

Installation and editing is very easy here, with very simple effort you can changes the design and make unique then other people. This theme is responsive as other popular theme perfectly fit on any device and any type of size.

Udesign is also fully optimized for seo which will assist to reach the top ranking on google, whenever you are planning to open a online store then you will must look on woocommerce and udesign is fully compatible with woocommerce.

So you need to purchase another theme for your online store. You can make the best one online store through this
theme. You will be very happy to hear that u design added more than 2000 google font on your udesign theme, so you have thousands of option to choose best font for your site.

Udesign have 5 star customer rating for their outstanding customer support. They are ready to give you documetion and forum support. After developing a site sometime you may require to make a multilingual site, for this remember that udeign has multilingual support feature so you need not to purchase any plugin for this translation ready option.

There have many custom widget added on their theme such as: recent post, log in form, google map and many other. Udesign is very easy to use, maintain and customize and you will get lifetime update once you purchase this theme.

Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: Total is one of the cutest minimal responsive multi purpose wordpress theme. Total is tested on many deive and certified that it is fully responsive on any adevice and any size.

Total give a built in drag and drop builder with that you can make custom page and layout very easily. Total is integrated with woocommerce, yoast seo, bbpress, contact form 7, envato tool kit, wpml translation, polylang translation,  w3 total cache and many other.

Total theme has unlimited color option and compatible with any other browser. There have lots of live demo for you to choose how you want to make your site, they also give you live customizer option so that you can see what you changes in live. Never need to down your site any changes.

They also give you premium slider with this theme which will help you to save money to purchase slider plugin. Premium mega menu feature also have on this theme it mean you can create aristrotac menu on your site. Which
will assist your audience to see better outlook.

Valid html and css and clean coding used on this theme so you can tell total is one of the most faster and seo optimzied wordpress theme. More than 680 google font already included on this theme, so that you can choose the best font for your site.

If you want to know does they have any supporting tutorial then answer is, they are always ready to give you customer support and step by step video tutorial and documention is already given by wpexplorer team. Another great is included on this theme is breadcrumbs, it will help you to show your link on search engine dynamically.

 Impreza - Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

Impreza – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme: Impreza is one of the beautiful minimalist retina responsive wordpress theme in the market. One of the great feature of this
theme is minimal design which gives customer to a smart outlook.

Impreza gives you opportunity to use website header visual builder. With this visual header builder you can make unique header layout. It is very simple to make with just drag and drop option you can do it. There have lots of demo for you which will asiist you to get the taste how your site will be look like.

Impreza has one of the rating from customer on themeforest market. On this theme, impreza team included 3 popular code canyon plugin and these plugin are: visual composer, slider revolution and ultimate addons for visual composer which will save your almost US$75. Impreza is compatible with woocommerce, wpml, gravity forms, contact form 7,
bbpress and table press. In a one click you can import all their demo on your admin.

Impreza is fully retina responsive wordpress theme which is nicely fit with any device and also on any size. This also has rtl support, unlimited color, portfolio grid styles, and unique blog layout. very easily you can customize this theme and impreza has a very powerful admin panel.

More than 1300 icon and awesome animation already included on this theme, impreza has advanced typography option and built in translation feature. Unlimited sidebar feature and support on child theme. If you wish you can also
make one page site through this theme.

Inovado - Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Inovado – Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme: Inovado is one of the simple, smart and professional look responsive multi purpose wordpress theme. It has advance admin panel
and you set up the theme within 2 minute which is also included with demo file.

You will get a premium revolution slider with this theme which will assist you to create amazing sliding effect and price value of this slider is us$15. Inovado is integrate with woocommerce, so you can open a online store with this theme as any time.

Built in mega menu feature have on this theme which mean, you can make most beautiful menu for your site. If you looking for tutorial of this theme then this theme give you video tutorial and documetion for learning regarding how to use this theme. Unlimited color option and more than 360 retina icon also included with this theme. Sometime
you may need psd file of your theme, for that reason inovado give you psd file of their theme.

Inovado is fully seo optimized and built in translation feature have on this theme. To reduce your workload inovado gives you shortcode generator and access all shortcode via inovado built in visual editor.

Inovado also give you more than 40 retina social media icon such as: youtube, facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and many other. More than 14 hundred people give good rating on inovado. So take a look on this theme and check is this perfectly match with your dream theme or not?


SimpleMag – Magazine theme for creative stuff: Simplemag is minimalist look smart premium magazine wordpress theme. Simplemag is fully responsive as all other popular wordpress theme and perfectly fit on any device of a mobile or tablet and also with any size.

Simplemag has built in drag and drop page composer, from this you can make unique for your site. Now days come to show mega menu to visitor and simplemag has built in mega menu feature which will show very creatively your menu to visitor.

Different category and home page layout they given to you to choose the best layout for your site. Highly modern footer have simplemag it will help you to display your footer on a great way.

This theme fully develop with clean coding. So you will see faster loading of theme and highly seo optimized so you will get the taste to reach on top of search engine quicker.

Built in multilingual option have and tested with wpml plugin and certified this as translation ready theme. This also has rtl support. Simplemag also compatible with woocommerce and bbpress. You can also use image ad, code generated ad through this theme and you can place ad multi area of your site.

Simplemag also give you some custom widget such as: author, featured post, latest comment, latest post, most commented, video and many other. More than 12000 people using this premium theme. So you must unnderstand
tht how popular is this theme. So do you want to use this popular theme for your site?

Dandelion - Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme

Dandelion – Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme : Dandelion is one of the most simplistic and stylish professional wordpress theme. Dandelion is fully responsive as they say and fit on any type of device and any size you want to see.

More than 11000 people is using this premium theme and you must trust that 11000 people can not be wrong. They
also receive more than 1000 rating from their customer for their theme and support. Dandelion has an highly advance and very powerful admin panel.

Dandelion give you more than 100 custom shortcode and shortcode generator. You can see infocus portfolio in 7 layout and more than 30 skin. Infocus also has built in wp custom post type and page templates. It also has by default skinning system and breadcrumb feature. With the contact form builder of infocus you can make your unique
contact page. You can also resize your image size through this theme as they already included this on their template.

Dandelion also give default author box, popular and related post. Jquery scrolling and 8 slider stagging feature already included on this theme. This theme is fully optimized with search engine and you can expect highest ranking on google with using this theme.

You may ask that is this theme integrate with any browser or some, then answer is this theme is fully compatible with any browser. If you require any other support just ask their support team will give you best solution as soon as possible.

Best Minimalist WordPress Theme

Minimalist: Minimalist is an sharp wordpress themes. This themes is clean and shine your content more. Minimalist wordpress themes highlighted your content with it’s design.

You can change it’s sidebar and widget quickly. With using short codes you can control format of your post. Minimalist wordpress themes are also faster, seo friendly and ad optimized. This themes are also responsive on any size and devices.

simpleton minimalist wordpress theme

Simpleton: Simpleton is an light weight, clean and smart minimalist wordpress themes. Simpleton simple and smart design make your site outstanding.

Simpleton has unlimited color schemes and background to make your site more smarter. With use shortcodes add captions and blockquotes. Themes are built with google font. You can also customize your widget. Simpleton is also optimized for seo and adsense.

portfolio minimalist wordpress theme

Portfolio: Portfolio is an clean and smart minimalist wordpress themes. This themes are designed with brilliant style. This themes has clean blog layout to make your site more friendly with visitor.

Built in retina font icons which displayed as beautiful. This themes give you unlimited color, background and sidebar. So you can make your site more gorgeous. Smart social media icon will attract your visitor more.

SociallyViral minimal blog theme

SociallyViral: Sociallyviral is beautifully designed as minimalist wordpress themes. Sociallyviral focus your content to customer more. Built in review plugin with this theme give you opportunity to show review of your product.

Different loading effect to show more post of your site. Themes are easy to use and light weight. Hand written clean code, so if you want you can edit code. RTL support so easier to show other language. Sociallyviral is popular for simple, faster, responsive and seo friendly design.

Trendy truly minimal wordpress theme

Trendy: Trendy is an magnificent wordpress minimalist themes. Trendy is light weight so your site will be more faster.

Trendy has news layout which displayed more post and increase your page view. So you can convert visitor to multiple post. Trendy has nice custom widget to add more content. Trendy is an faster, seo optimized and adsense ready theme. So you can choose it for you.

Nominal minimal responsive wordpress theme

Nominal: Nominal is an simple clean wordpress themes. Nominal has an alarming related post widget, which will force visitor to go on other post. Using shortcodes you can edit nominal with your requirement.

Themes has aristocrat social media plugin which will influence your visitor to give social share. Nominal is an faster, responsive and seo friendly theme. SO it will be best for you as truly minimal wordpress themes.

FashionBlog minimalist blog template

FashionBlog: FashionBlog is an professional look, smart and clen minimalist wordpress themes. FashionBlog is built with attractive looking and simple design. This themes has unlimited has unlimited color and background to make your site more stunning.

Themes has built in translation ready so grow your visitor from anywhere of the world. You do not need to look for extra coding as this theme has awesome shortcode. With HTML5 and CSS3 your site will be flexible and more faster.

Vogue minimalist blog theme

Vogue: Vogue is an impressive clean white wordpress theme. Vogue focused on your content to read content more. As it is minimalist wordpress theme so it’s design will attract visitor more.

Don’t be worried about google panda and penguin because this theme is seo friendly. With using shortcode you can customize your post without require any extra plugin.

yosemite simple wordpress theme

Yosemite: Yosemite is an clean responsive wordpress themes. Your visitor will always appreciate this theme as it is clean and simple. Yosemite is schema integrated, so search engine can look on your content faster.

This themes are specially optimized for more readability. As theme is written with clean code so easier to edit. Breadcrumb gives search engine ranking which is built in with yosemite.

minimal simple clean wordpress theme

Minimal: Minimal is an absolutely simple and clean wordpress themes. Who love smart design with easy navigation this theme are for them.

Minimal written with simple coding to make your site faster and secure. Built in translation have on this theme. So no worried for different countries visitor.

unPress wordpress theme minimal

unPress Magazine – Elegant & Minimalistic: unPress is one of the best minimalist wordpress themes. unPress is perfect for blog, magazine and newspaper. unPress is clean, simple and stylist theme.

With unlimited color and sidebar you can make more site more beautiful. To get better ranking unPress is seo optimized.

Elegance A Flawlessly Minimalist Blogging theme

Elegance – A Flawlessly Minimalist Blogging theme: Elegance is an transparent wordpress themes. Elegance is best for newspaper, fashion, blog, magazine and food blog.

Elegance has awesome 13 widgets to make your site smooth. Support on liveblog plugin and boxed layout.

breeze Minimalist Responsive Personal Blog

Breeze | Minimalist Responsive Personal Blog: Breeze one of the top simple and smart wordpress theme. Breeze will help you to reduce your bounce rate faster. Breeze specially made shortcode to make your site more shinny.

It has awesome responsive ad widget. You can also tag your image. Fully responsive and translatable on any language. Choose this theme to make your site faster and smart.

blg Minimalistic wordpress Theme Focused on Readability

BLG – Minimalistic Theme Focused on Readability: BLG is an pure minimalist wordpress themes. BLG is seo friendly, ease to customizeable and adsense optimized.

You can add multiple slider on your site. Also support on video and audio. Unlimited color and portfolio page to make your site elegant.

bloggy Responsive clean Minimalist wp Theme

Bloggy WP – Responsive Minimalist Theme: Bloggy WP is built with modern design and minimal looking. Themes has built in seo and translation ready.

More than 20 social media icon to make your site more socially. Minimalist design to attract more on your content. Also have more than 600 google font. So make your site minimal with bloggy wp.

Bliss Personal Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

Bliss | Personal Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme: Bliss is an shining minimal wp themes. Bliss superb design attract visitor from any device. You can customize with your desired looking.

Have child themes to make your site more cool. Bliss will help you to increase page view and decrease bounce rate. So why not Bliss as your theme?

blank Elegant and Minimalist WordPress Blog

Blank – Elegant and Minimalist WordPress Blog: Blank is ultra clean and faster wordpress theme. It has unlimited color and infinite scroll. You do not need to look on any coding.

As it give you everything more than your requirement. More than 100 option, so customized as much you want.

Calcium Minimalist Portfolio & Blogging Theme

Calcium – Minimalist Portfolio & Blogging Theme: Calcium is an sharp wordpress minimal theme. Calcium specially developed for portfolio and blog. With using shortcode you can make your site more genius.

Calcium has breadcrumbs which help you to get better search engine ranking.

Read WP Responsive HTML5 Minimalist Theme

Read WP – Responsive HTML5 Minimalist Theme: Read wp is one of the great minimalist wordpress template. Read wp powered with jquery, css3 and html5.

Themes made with seo ready and responsive for any device. More than 600 font and above 20 social icons have this theme. So choose this theme to make your site brilliant.

Block Magazine Flat clean and Minimalist Blog Theme

Block Magazine – Flat and Minimalist Blog Theme: Block popular minimal wordpress themes. Block has awesome 7 post format. You can rating your content which is built in here. Block has unlimited color and crafty font.

Smooth and minimal design will make your site gorgeous with block theme.

puretype minimalist wordpress theme

PureType: PureType is also an clean responsive wordpress themes. Puretype design grow appeal to go on your content. This theme is compatible with any browser.

Puretype has 3 unique background color to make your site more gorgeous. Page template has awesome function and style. So your visitor will more engage with your site.

Take a Look:

Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

Here on this content we would like give you minimalist wordpress themes free which will help to take the test of minimalist wordpress themes on free of cost. Let’s get inside of wordpress minimalist themes free.

Free WordPress themes

Elicit: Elicit is one of the most cool, unique and free minimalist wordpress theme. Elicit developed with bootstrap 3, so it is fully responsive on any device and also with any size.

You can customize this theme very easily, you need not have any coding knowledge to customize this theme.

To give professional look of your site elicit give you social sharing widget, popular post widget and many more widget. This theme is also fully optimized for seo and  putting ad on your site.

Elicit is compatible with any any browser and support all the major plugin have on the market. This minimal wordpress theme freely give you customer support. So you will get 100% premium feature on this theme without cost.

Free WordPress Theme


Justpress: Justpress is also an anither free minimalist wordpress theme. This theme will give the taste of very simple design with a profesional look. Just press is also an wordpress theme for seo, which will assist you to get more rank on search engine.

You can put ad wherever you like, it mean you will see highest click and earning from  your blog.

Justpress is also fully responsive on any device and also with any size you want. You can easily customize this theme without any coding knowledge. You will also see faster loading experience through this free minimalist wordpress theme.

It is also compatible with any browser where you want to see. The team from Justpress also ready to give
100% free support. SO you can take the taste of this theme.

On above wordpress minimalist themes free will help you to see what is the exact feature of a minimal theme have. So before purchasing any minimalist wordpress themes you can take taste from this free source.